Proof (?) that stopping the reels doesn't change the outcome?


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Feb 11, 2013
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Using autoplay doesn't make you more likely, or even less likely to win though. It just plays the game automatically.
Maybe blathaon ALWAYS uses autoplay. But that doesn't necessarily mean he wouldn't have won the same if he played manually.
It doesn't matter if you get the scatters from a manual spin or an automatic spin, because once the bonus game starts it spins the reels automatically anyways.
I've had about 25 wildlines and 5 scatters 6 times now, I'd say 1/3 were from a manual spins and 2/3 from autoplay. But I probably use autoplay 2/3's of the time

Doesn't it contradict what they said about stopping the reels can affect the outcome? I know auto won't make anything more likely i'm simply saying when I have tried the reckless click stop click stop approach it's ate me alive(also results in a very sore wrist/cramp) I personally don't think anything gives you an edge on the slot the only way to have an edge is play it a hell of a lot more than other games available(like rolastan/blathaon do)


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Feb 25, 2004
Oh, Ok cool, cheers for the 'heads up' :D

Also by knowing that the wins aren't queued up; when you leave a machine in a casino and someone jumps on and gets a big win you can rest in the knowledge that you more than likely would not have had the win. It is still damned annoying though


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Oct 20, 2010
On mg the second you press spin the balance updates on the client, I often check when two scatters are rolling to see if i got the third- 5 seconds before it actually lands.