Proof of humanity + 'greatest hits'


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May 5, 2020
In the raw chaotic balancing act of aseity
Hello L's & G's it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. It's difficult to prove I'm not a robot as I'm not 100% sure of it myself, but at the very least I am convincing enough to pass for a human most of the time.

I enjoy gambling for the effect that winning has by lighting up my mesolimbic dopamine pathway, but despise it for the times it gives me proverbial blue balls.

9 times out of 10 any winnings I take from a betting session go to good causes. The rest gets blown on self destruction

Roulette is my preferred game & I occasionally play slots, I'll post some pictures of a few decent wins below. For every glorious win you see here, there has been countless occasions of misery, fury & a build up of wrath which I try to keep contained like a Vulcan.

IMG_20191211_134936.jpg Playtech daimond roulette IIRC

IMG_20200102_174258.jpg IMG_20200102_174308.jpg These were 2 consecutive bets also on diamond roulette

Screenshot_20200122_162041.jpg This was a pretty decent outcome on quantum roulette

LB 237.png A decent streak, again on diamond roulette

lr90.png £3 on 30 on evolution lightning roulette earlier today

wor$2.png And finally a $2 spin activating the free spins on 'Wings of Ra', with the final spin accounting for $600 of it. My balls were not blue at this point in time.


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