Promotions Managers, ask yourself what your real costs are


Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
I had technical issue trying to redeem $10CAD in bonus spins (Green Jade game, 96.152% RTP. I am sure one of math heads can answer this part.

Day it occurred, I cleared cache and cookies before even opening chat. Three devices, two browsers, screenshots, more than one chat agent and going over it all again, it was to be forwarded to promotions team, and an answer "in a few hours". A promotions team I am still awaiting an email from an issue related to a deposit bonus issue on August 9th.

Still not working today (although I do believe they were re-added, as I got the error message and was able screenshot it), back to lovely chat agents (not sarcastic, all four reps have been pretty good).

Yet another clear cache and cookies, send screenshot, try another browser, more than one agent, promotion team and technical team later, I received a satisfactory solution .... Substituting free spins on BOD. I know I suggested free spins on another game today, and may have on wee hours of Sunday morning as well.

I have not named the casino as this kind of issue redeeming free spins is not unique to this casino.

Player satisfaction aside, you could have saved hours of staff time by simply doing so after my first set of jumping through hoops.

I am an established customer, as this probably makes a difference vs little or no history at the casino.