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Aug 23, 2004
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I just won a proggresive jackpot "$3800" and I do know, since it was a free chip, that my max cash out is $50. I just think it should not of been credited to my account since I can't have it. The people who have used real money to play lose out on the progressive jackpot and the casino gets to take it back and put it into there pocket. Its like the casino has won the jackpot. I guess for me I can play with the money and get as much comp points as I can. The one thing i think should be done is if anyone wins on a progressive jackpot with free or bonus chips should just be able to get there max payout up to the players limit, or what ever the non progressive jackpot would of been all the rest stays in the progressive for someone else to win. Just a thought. Is there anyone else that this has happened to. I never in a million years thought that I would get the progressive, I wish i played with real money.
Progessive jackpots

Just one further note.
I don't know what the casino rules are for progessive jackpots since all players have added to the jackpot. A certain % of money is taken for the jackpot. The rules state that your only able to take a certain max cash out on a free chip, but also I don't think that a casino is alowed just to put it back in there pockets "they win the jackpot". Does anyone know about the rules for casino's on keeping progessive jackpots for themselves.
Thanks Brent
i feel bad for you :/. see this is exactly the reason i never take bonuses/free chips (although ill occasionally take a comp if there are no strings attached). I just dont want to give a casino the power to fool around after I win big.

I dont know what to tell you except, $50 is more than you started with at least even if you cant cash in on that great win :/
yes I am sad but i knew the rule. Do you think I should make all the comps I can. Also What does happen to the casino money if I turn it in now and take my $50.
I cant speak for all casinos but with us we do give a lot of free chips and high bonuses, and we tell customers that THEY CAN NOT use them on the progressive machines. You must remember that if you are playing the progressive with free money, the progressive meter keeps going up and the casino has to fund that machine as if every dollar you put in it was real. We have it explained on the rules, and when ever you redeem a free chip or high bonus, it is a double edge sword, because the customer feels hurt when they win, but if they lose it costs the casino money. In certain cases depending who the player is, we do make certain exceptions on what we allow the player to cash out, so you might want to talk to the casino before spending the money.
I got a free no-purchase nessessary $100 gift coupon sent to my physical address along with a MG casino software CD (Jupiter Club). I was to open an account and wager 15x on slots only according to the rules. I could not open an account in USD due to my residence they said, so the casino opened it for me in euros. I redeemed the coupon in euros instead of dollars, got 100 euros. I played on Major Millions in euros and hit it big, cashed out 1.840 euros and got it by wire minus a 30 euro fee (it came to $2,160).

After that I decided to play again at this casino and ask them to convert my euro account into USD as all my credit cards were in USD and I did not want to lose on currency conversion. Instead of doing this they started to ask me questions, kind of did I want to keep my euro account and blah blah, while I directly told them to make it USD instead of euros. This annoyed me and I quit, went to their sister casino, which somehow did not have any restrictions on account in USD for me. I quickly lost $60 there chasing big wins.
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"so you might want to talk to the casino before spending the money"

Do you know who the manager is at "Club Player Casino"
I'll try and see if they can do something.

They now took my winnings out and left me with the $50.
Which is all I thought I would get anyways.
Is that right for them to do. Now I don't get to play for comps and they were able to put it into there account. At least it should go back into the progressive.
i have played with the bonus

i have played with the bonus and i played the progressive i didnt win but i cash out 2000usd but because the rule of the casino once you got the bonus progressive jackpots are in exclusion so my winnings was null and never cashin..may i ask from what casino you played?

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