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Mar 24, 2004
Hello Casinomeister and all forum members!

My name is David Zilberstein, I live in Izrael and at the present moment plan to set up a new sportsbook site. What I know about eGaming and online sportsbooks is that 45% of all the wagers online are placed in online sportsbooks sites thus affecting Las Vegas online bookmakers! Sounds great, I have even heard that there are sportsbook sites with a yearly turnover of more than $1 bln! But what I dont know and ask you to help me with is:
- What is the best software for sportsbook site? I know companies like Bossmedia, Microgaming or Playtech are well known for their casino software, but im not sure whether they develop any sportsbooks .

- Where can I find any materials/forums/any information available about developing/promoting/advertising an online sports book?

- What marketing strategy sources could you recommend?

- (a question directly to Casinomeister) I see you have a rough list of online casinos here, as well as the list for reputable ones. What is your criteria for the reputable sporstbook and what requirements should it observe not to enter your (or any other) rogue list?

Thank you for all of your answers and comments!

PS: What is the ideal sportsbook in your opinion? Could you give me any example of a sportsbook that never (or much less than everyone else) had problems with eGaming assisiations, players advocates (like Casinomeister) or players themselves?
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Jun 30, 1998
Hi David,

Two good sportbook forums can be found here:
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I don't deal too much with sportsbooks mainly because its not my forte. I also find images of football and basketball players on websites disturbing. For some reason, I find them unaesthetic and creepy.

It would be difficult for me to bring a Sportsbook onboard at Casinomeister since most sportsbooks (that I know of) are based in Costa Rica - which does not offer gaming licenses. Now supposedly, there are changes underway that will rectify some of this, but I am unsure what exactly these changes are.

In order to be listed at Casinomeister, you have to be licensed in a jurisdiction that offers gaming licenses. Most Central and South American countries do not offer these services.

Some of the Sportsbooks with good reps? Bodog Sports, Betonsports, are a few that come to mind mainly because of their high profiles. A good person to ask about this is Sting.
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