Proc-Cyber ??


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Feb 10, 2004
Hi Bryan
Can you tell me if Proc-Cyber is have problems?
I have 3 cashouts from 3 different casinos, I have cashed out of all 3 many times in the past, and when they say that they have released the funds days ago I belive them. So Proc-Cyber is the payment proccessor for all 3. In the past, i have gone to, entered my casino account number and password, and it would let me in to see where the payout was at.
when I try to go there I get "This service is unavailable".

These cashouts so far have taken 4 days longer (and counting....). These cashouts are going to my Quicktender account so i know that when proccyber sends them they arrive in my account instantly, Just like when i make a purchase, it is instantly sent from my account to the casinos Quicktender account. Any help You can give Me would be great!

Thank you in advance.
Anita Flansburg


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Mar 13, 2008
Since the OP is an American inquiring about a payment processor this thread should be moved the ATB section before members beginning commenting I believe.