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Oct 18, 2003
I have been a long time casino player. Have any of you experienced problems with proc cyber services? My experience has been a poor one. They usually take awile to do cashouts, and always seems like they are virtually unreachable. I have read a lot about this service and am sure while they must do their best to get things done. It is just the speed in which they do it which is the problem. Anyone have the same problem?

Proc-cyber do the majority of e-cash processing for Microgaming casinos. I personally have not had problems with them, and have actually been able to contact them via telephone in the past.

However, I think the problem is that there are so many Microgaming casinos each with thousands of members, that in total Proc Cyber must have such a huge amount of payouts to process that sometimes they will get the odd one wrong. The problem is that in the industry they are in (i.e. paying casino wins), people are eager to get their money. However, they usually do pay, even if they initially get it wrong. Just keep hounding them (or the relevant casino).

Ben, I like your post in principle. However, service is always the number one factor in any business transaction. People don't like excuses, especially those of on the North American Continent who usually boycott bad businesses until they go under. It has been my experience that casinos and procyber treat us like 2nd or 3rd rate citizens ( I don't live in Uganga, lol). Have none of these folks been to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, where there are gaming commissions and regulation by government authority. When you leave these casinos, you are either paid or the casino would be subject to being investigated for federal racketerring charges (ie fraud). It is easy to do things at ones own pace in a socialistic, non regulated environment. We in America are accused of having a 19th century wild west show environment (European perception perhaps) , when in fact most on line casinos operate the same way in 19th century terms, no regulation, what we say goes or get the hell out (or we hang you) . If on line casinos were smart (ie business savvy), they would be giving world class service in order to prevent western governments and the United Nations from banning them. We in America want service and we want it now and no excuses. Our legislators know this and being the number ONE world economy and based on economies of scale( ie the majority of on line gambling money comes from North Amercia) , the casinos are literally foolish not to want to treat the players as any legitmate land based, licensed casino would under a sovereign flag. Any questions! By the way, I lived in the UK, in Cambridgeshire for a number of years and don't want people to think that this is just another impatient Amercian saying Have A NICE DAY!!! Business is Business PERIOD. :axeman2:

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