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Oct 27, 2002
I'm having a nightmare with Proc-Cyber like one mentioned in another thread. I tried to cash out with a bank transfer, and they hit me with the ACH verification process. Not everyone has easy access to a scanner or fax, and the stuff they ask for is a pain.

They froze my account for no reason. I tried to back out and get them to send me a check instead, but they insisted that my account could not be reopened unless I provided bank statements, drivers license, etc.

They pass this off as security, but... who is being protected? Only the casino. Imagine depositing your money in a local bank, and then when you try to withdraw it, they stall and make it hard on you. Who would stand for it? I'm amazed that Proc-Cyber continues to do business.

People have lambasted Proc-Cyber for inefficiency, but it seems obvious that they have standing orders from the casinos to make it as easy as possible to put money in, and a nightmare to take money out. Is this so far-fetched? Considering that casino accounts are the only thing Proc-Cyber seems to do, I don't think it is.

Also - where is this outfit based? I'm thinking it's somewhere on an island, like a lot of the casinos themselves... not in a country with strong consumer protection laws. If so, that explains why it can get away with such horrendous practices.
This reminds me of the old Raid Roach Motel commercials.

They do whatever it takes to tempt you into making a deposit. They make it is easy as can be to deposit, but as difficult as possible to withdraw. Your $$$ go in, but they don't come out. And don't forget, its all in the name of protecting YOUR security. They make you sign 14 pages worth of charges, since you are a "high risk player", then they say they never got your fax, and kindly ask if you could refax it. You refax it, but this time it takes two weeks for it to be transferred to the correct department to manually review your case to determine if its all legit.

In the meantime they are hoping you will REVERSE the cashin and lose everything back.

Then after all that, your check gets lost in the mail, and it takes another 3 weeks to reissue and send you another one.

Finally, you contact, and since he has lots of pull with the folks at Proc-Cyber, your case is resolved in a day, and they express you the money.
Thanks for the tip on the webmaster. Hopefully I won't need him, but we'll see.

I've been calling Proc-Cyber instead of emailing recently. It's harder for them to jerk you around on the phone, as you can refute inaccuracies and flat-out lies right away, and force them to come up with new excuses. With email it just goes back and forth, back and forth.

Also, I hope that by using their toll-free number as much as possible, I can at least drive up their charges in some minimal way.
ProcCyber is located in South Africa.

When you talk to them on the phone, they are
so polite and courteous, while adding numerous
"apologies" for all the "hassles" you are going
through, that it makes you want to puke.

There is a bigger tie in of Proccyber to Microgaming than most people think.
( Read: Microgaming "owns" Proccyber )

Proccyber continues to be completely bewildered
with the concept of processing transactions.
I would have to doubt that this is done intentionally, as incompetence at the level
Proccyber has reached, would be impossible to teach someone. :eek:
now I understand. Proc cyber is in Africa.That's why they are getting away with murder and the casinos know it. That's why I never play at any casino associated with Proc cyber. The crap that they are putting on players would cause all kinds of law suits if they were in the states. Proc Cyber is run by crooks and their transactions are crookked and illegal. I have some scenarios of Proc Cyber that would land the whole operation in jail. Where is the OPA or gambing commission to whole these crooks in checks? It appears that everyone is afraid of them. Hell, their worse than Enron. Sorry folks, but my blood boils when I hear stories of Proc Cyber, damm crooks. :mad:
I made a cash out ($150) at Sun Vegas via Proc Cyber on Friday. On Monday it was in my PayPal account, so some things do work :)

I really understand peoples' frustration at providing what seems to be a shitload of documents scanned and faxed etc. This is something that players should always have on hand, and it should be made clear when opening an account at a casino. It may seem that these things protect the casino's security, but also players' as well. If any one has had their wallet lost or stolen, they would know what I mean. CC fraud sucks and it affects everyone.
My problem with Proc Cyber is that all the documents they ask for are an INVASION of a player's right to privacy.

They hold your $$$ hostage until you submit every last document, and if you fail to do so,
YOU DON'T GET PAID. You're stuck, and there's nothing you can do. You are at thier mercy.

And how do you know your documents are really secure. YOU DON'T. They are so incompentant, that I wouldn't be surprised at all if your faxed documents could be retrieved by a dishonest employee, who could potentially assume your identity, and destroy your credit.
They collect as much information as a private investigator.
OK, update. I finally got paid. I had reached the point where I was going to give up for the sake of my mental health, because we'd gotten to the point where one person said "You're approved!" and then I'd ask why my account was still locked, and another person would reply "Because you're not approved!"

There's really nothing you can do about that. But I put in a last-ditch effort and they finally mailed me a check.

I'd say to anyone planning to do business with a Proc Cyber casino: Make sure it's not a pain to have all sorts of documents scanned. Keep them on hand. Even with this precaution, though, I wouldn't risk dealing with them unless you are very patient. I am not, and the frustration of this experience damn near killed me. I've got maybe 30-35 emails, and called 4-5 times, and it was just an incredible amount of agony.

One other thing... I read somewhere about someone claiming to have had his mastercard cleaned out through some sort of fraud - unclear who's to blame - but getting it all back looked to be impossible. In light of that, it's very uncomfortable sending Proc-Cyber your scanned bank documents. If you must deal with them, it's best to have a very small account, I think, and only give them info for that account. You don't want to give them access to all your bank data, then suddenly find that your account's cleaned out, they said you gambled it all and lost it, and you have no proof one way or the other.

Are they crooked enough to do that? Probably not, but even if they make a horrible mistake, consider how little leverage you have when you're dealing with a foreign company, and you're doing something that, while not actively enforced, isn't legal. (I actually didn't realize this when I started...)

Anyway, bottom line: Proc-Cyber uses some very nasty tactics to hold onto your money. You may have to fight like hell to get it back. I'm sure they're very effective, as many people won't have the time or patience to fight them. Caveat emptor, and thanks for the moral support, those who posted in this thread!

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