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Feb 13, 2006
Wild Jack casino is denying my cashout because I played red dog to clear the wagering requirement. The terms and conditions states that "poker" cannot be used to clear the bonus, and customer service is claiming that red dog is somehow poker. Red dog isn't even derived from poker, it's a variant of acey deucey.

Furthermore, I e-mailed customer service again, and now they are claiming that the bonus was "slots and video slots only" and referring me to their terms and conditions. I re-read the terms and conditions and can't find any references to this being "slots only" under any bonus being offered.

These guys need to get their act together, and make their terms and conditions clear. If they want to ban video poker, or 3 card poker, those games should be named, not just "poker" to trick people. And if they want to ban red dog, then that game needs to be named, not blanketed under poker, which it's not even related to.
moo321 said:
The terms and conditions states that "poker" cannot be used to clear the bonus
Was this the welcome bonus or a special promo?

The current T&C for the sign up bonus appears to allow VP for the WR.
Hey Moo321....Jackpot Factory has a wonderful rep on board here. His name is David. He may be in the office sporadically but it's worth sending him a PM and seeing what he has to say. Just be patient for a day or two for him to get back to you. Here's the link....
Contacted the Jackpot Factory rep, and it looks like it's going to get worked out. Customer service was kind of shaky, but it looks like management does a good job of handling player concerns.
Glad it worked out for you Moo. Yep, David does a great job, as did Simon before him. They have both been most helpful to me...and had a couple of very small problems worked out for me in no time. :)
i think a lot of these casinos, need to start saying slots & video slots, rather than a list of banned games, not only are the defintions a bit ambiguos sometimes, is that when a new table game is released its not usually covered in the list and we see a spate of complaints similar to this.
Everything got worked out and I got paid. I agree that some places need to be much more clear about what games are prohibited, or just tell people what games can be played.

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