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Mar 10, 2005
Is it just me, or is anyone else having problems registering a debit/credit card @ any MG ran casino/poker room? I tried a few places, and it kept saying that I already have the max registered. Well, I didn't have any registered at any of those places. Just wondering if anyone has ran into the same situation lately. I got as far as the page to enter the info at the 1 casino I tried it at, but upon clicking register, it simply said "cannot register card".
Known issues (Not that MG seem to care much).

This can happen if you have had earlier cards registered and then asked for them to be removed. Often, they are removed from the drop-down list, but are on file as registered at that casino. This can lead to the error of max cards even with none seemingly available. The casinos themselves can set the max number of cards and the transaction limits on individual accounts. It is possible for casinos to thus ban some players from using cards by setting the max limit to zero. This will also give the same error.
Also possible is that registered card limits are applied across an entire group of casinos operated by one entity. Weekly limits and transaction limits are shared between all casinos. This is the case at Casino Action, where a $200 deposit at one will reduce the card weekly limit (for that card) at all the rest.
Despite what it says, difficulty will be encountered with certain card types, such as Mastercard. VISA should be fine though.

Another minor bug that can abort the registration process is the cardholder name field. The true cause of the error is doing what the guidance tells you to do! It states enter the name "EXACTLY as appears on the card", unfortunately, the system will reject out of hand certain formats that card companies actually print on the card itself, and the error message is no indication. By trial and error I have found that one problem is caused if the card company prints a "formal" name on the card; such as Mr J Bloggs. The software will reject this, but actually wants you to enter "J Bloggs" (which is NOT "EXACTLY as it appears on the card"). Other than this, the software will accept middle initial, names etc on the card even if not matching the name registered at the casino - which can allow a card not belonging to the player past the process, only to be "shafted" later when the casino objects to the withdrawal on card mismatch grounds.

The first step would be to contact support and ask what the maximum card limit is. If this is not zero, ask if you have any cards on record at the group already that can be made available on the account. If the answer is none, you can then ask them to explain the problem with registering your specific card. The first two questions should narrow the ability for CS to Bullsh*t, and they will have to admit to either deliberately blocking you (or that particular card) specifically, or will have to guide you step by step through the process that they have established should be working normally.

I expect there are other bugs, and these probably relate to non-standard card formats not considered when the software was written, such as the 18 digit debit cards that the UK Internet bank "First Direct" use. The digits make it look more like a loyalty card from a supermarket rather than a bank card!
I found out the reason they are giving is that I have made chargebacks. This is total BS, as I have never made a chargeback in my life. It's also BS, as this is happening at different groups. It's not isolated. Strange.

ps: I don't even get to the point of being able to fill my name in at the poker rooms I've tried. I went to paradisepoker, and was able to deposit fine.

re: The 18 digit card....nope, it's a standard 16 digit visa.

It must be that the card number is blacklisted on a central database. Probably ProcCyber. Although it seems to be different MG groups, pretty much everything goes through ProcCyber in some way, even if the processor appears different on your statements. Non MG sites will probably accept the card fine.
It may also be that the bank have banned the card block they issue from being used at some online gaming sites. This will be the case even for VISA cards issued by banks based in the USA.
To record an adverse credit reference that is untrue on a database is libel, and if you can show that you never issued chargebacks you could ask where they got the blacklist data from and sue the blacklist issuer (the threat should be enough). Such cases have arisen in the UK, where banks have wrongly bounced a cheque. This has been successfully prosecuted in the civil courts as Libel, as it implies that the bank has stated that the cheque issuer cannot pay the debt.
The first thing to do is check with the card issuer to find out if any chargeback has been recorded on the card number. Because of the difficulty, it would be best to then ask for the card to be reissued with a new number on the grounds that the old number has become tainted with invalid data references in circulation that are causing problems at "a considerable number of merchants who have your card referenced on a high risk database"
(Just in case they are not keen on their card being used at casinos or poker sites).
hi I see you live in Indiana in the USA. Well most US banks block their cards from being used at gambling sites. I have a visa too and it can't be registered at any casino. Don't know if this is the reason, but if you contact visa or your bank, they will probably tell you it can't be used. gl
Good point.

......but why did the casino accuse him/her of making chargebacks to cause the error?
According to Bryan (Industry discussions), another bill is going forward in an attempt to make it harder even than now. Should not stop Neteller though as it is Isle of Man based.
If the banks obey the letter of the new bill it might make it harder to get the funds to and from the offshore eWallets. US players may end up having to keep their gaming funds permanently offshore. Better hope they don't chat to the Italian Government; their proposal for Italy might actually work!!
Actually, this is a brand new Netspend card, so for there to be a duplicate # in a database would be slim to none, unless there was in fact some error. They told me to email risk mgmt. I just checked my email, and here goes:

On Fri, 13 1 6 7:44:36 +11, Casino Rewards Risk Management <> wrote:

Hello Brian

There was infact a chargeback on a purchase which was made on 10/30/2004 with the Golden Tiger Casino. This was on the Visa Card ending 2487. If you were not aware of this, please contact your bank to have it resolved. Until that happens we are unable to accept any credit card transactions.

Kind Regards


Casino Rewards

Again, this is total BS. 2487 was the last 4 of my checking account tied to Neteller, not a visa card. Until now, I have never used a visa card for online gaming. I have also never had any chargebacks (Doesn't neteller guarantee the casinos never to have a chargeback anyways?) nor NSF through Neteller. I just checked every transaction through neteller, and it all looks fine.

If these are the ones in question, what's the problem??? I don't see any fron 10/30. I can only assume that Nov 6 is when they were processed.

Nov 06 17:04 EFT InstaCash-2487 - $20.00 USD Accepted
Nov 06 13:37 EFT InstaCash-2487 - $20.00 USD Accepted

*shrug* I'll just move on fron Casino Rewards, no biggie.
Just remembered something. The funniest part of this whole thing is that Neteller is still available to me as a deposit option through the poker room & casino that I tried. ;)

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