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Nov 2, 2004
10 days ago i withdrew 7000 $ from several Gfed casinos. Since then i cannot get any information about when will i receive the money. Phone line is unavailable for the international callers, emails are unanswered and the live chat support is absolutely useless. People on live chat say that they are not responsible for the withdrawals processing, or that there is no way they can contact processing department etc. It means nobody can say me nothing about when will i receive my money. Still i hope i get paid by Gfed but this whole story is very frustrating.
Gambling Federation are notoriously difficult when it comes to communication.

They've just joined the iGGBA, although that's mainly a trade body which I think is more operator oriented than player-sensitive and therefore does not get involved in player disputes.
Finally, i received my winnings from GFED. I want to say thank you to Cindy (Cynthia) Carley (
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) who contacted GFED and assured me that i will be paid and user Bethug who gave me Cindy's contact information. Also thanks to Casinomeister forum- sometimes it is the only place where the online gambler can find any help.

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