Problems With Casino Classic Merger With Casino Rewards


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Dec 24, 2003
Caldwell, Idaho USA
Hello, I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with the Integrity Casino Merger with Casino Rewards. I received an email from both Casino Classic and Casino Rewards saying that all of my Casino Classic account info would be transferred over to Casino Rewards and that any loyality points from my casino account would be automatically turned into Casino Reward VIP Points. When I logged into my Casino Rewards account after I was notified by email that the merger was complete, my Casino Classic account and player id wasn't even listed with my other Casino Reward accounts. I finally got someone on the phone at Casino Rewards who posted my Casino Classic account and account id with the others. Now, it is listed as one of my Casino Rewards accounts, but when I hit the cash-check feature, all of my transaction history is missing!! I signed up at Casino Classic the first part of April and have made 4or5 small deposits totalling around $300 via Prepaid ATM and Neteller, have collected a few deposit bonus's, and have cashed out 3 times, for a total of $1500.00. The casino gave me excellent customer service, crediting my bonus accounts right away after I deposited, and processed my cashouts really fast without any problems. Casino Rewards can find no record of any of this in my transaction history, none of it was transferred over to Casino rewards, and it isn't there when I log into my casino account either. All of my loyality point info is missing too. I have sent both Casino Classic and Casino Rewards a copy of my Neteller deposits and withdrawels listed as Casino Classic to verify that I have had the account since April, so they could correct my transaction history and transfer my missing loyality points into VIP points. I think it is kind of shitty that I have to verify all of this information when they should have transferred over everything in the first place!! I haven't received a reply to my emails or phone calls yet from either one of them. I know they are behind on answering emails with the merger, so I hope that is why I haven't had my account info updated yet. I'm hoping that they will hurry up and get this resolved, because I would like to deposit and play at Casino Classic again, because of the excellent service they have given me in the last 3 months but, I don't think I should until Casino Rewards gets all of my account info straight. Has anyone else had any similiar problems with the merger?
My problem is that I had money in my bonus account which is suppose to be transferred to my real account after the merger was complete. So far there is 0 money in my account and I can't get anyone from Casino Rewards to tell me when it will be there ! They take forever to answer emails unlike Integrity who never took more than 30 min. to answer you ! I will never deposit at any of Casino Rewards casinos !
I think I have the same problem here! Lucky emperor closed my account with my money in it. I ask for refund and they not answering! May be because they want to merge with captain cooks casino but this excuse is not professional!!! :(

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