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Oct 12, 2004

I have problems with casino, that casino runs on the live dealer software cwcgaming. I requested a withdrawal of 1280 on feb9th after meeting the wagering conditions of 30x deposit and bonus, and 30 wagers maximum 10% of the deposit amount deposit after starting to wager with the bonus. I deposited a total of 50 and got 50 of signup bonus. They have not paid my withdrawal, and it has now been over a month.

After making withdrawal i have tried to contact the casino by and I also tried to email, because a pitboss in a live chat gave me that email address. I also tried contacting cwcgaming the software provider who said that they don't handle this kind of matters after first saying they would look into this and have stopped answering my emails.

I think this casino is connected to, because when i send emails to it says:
Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1)

Im still being owed 1280-the 50$ they sent me back my deposit in wrong currency, after two months of talking. Sorry for not updating the thread but i have been having conversation with the software providers rep during these two months.

1. First i would like to know if casinomeister can look into this more. I pitched about a month ago. Other comments also welcome on this thread. 888mint refunded my deposit today, which interestingly came from casinowebcam, and in the wrong currency. 50$ as i deposited 50. The cwcgaming person i have been dealing this with tells me that i have been connected to some group of finnish players, and that my computer has been used to play on multiple accounts (completely untrue). Finland or even my city espoo might have many players in this casino, but thats definately not my problem. I would have had problems with the major software providers if sharing computers was true, like MG , RTG. The only finnish player i know, because he first referred me to casinomeister forum few years ago is kavaman, he said he doesnt have an account at Which i believe can easily be checked.

When i sent an email to the mails go trough casinowebcam servers, so the casinos seem to be closely connected, so is someone lying here? If he has more control on casinowebcam and the mails go trough casinowebcam servers, is he actually running this casino or who? (these are only assumptions).

2. The cwcgaming person i have been dealing said this:"If you are intersted in gambling, and not just bonus hunting I would encourge you to play a where I have a little more controlover making sure payments are made."

I was not bonus hunting and followed the casino terms and conditions completely, played even more then required and quite big bets. I didn't abuse the rules i risked all my funds including my deposit several times at the casino, betting it all on one hand of blackjack.

3. cwc rep sent me a clause from 888mint terms and conditions which says:From 888mint:
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User Abuse
In the event that Inversiones believes a User is abusing or attempting to
abuse a bonus or other promotion, or is likely to benefit through abuse or
lack of good faith from a gaming policy adopted by Inversiones, then
Inversiones may, in its absolute discretion, deny, withhold or withdraw from
a User any bonus or other promotion, or rescind any policy in respect of
that User, either temporarily or permanently.

I didn't abuse the bonus i filled the rules completely. Also i agreed that if they wish they can leave the bonus portion of 50 out of my payment and just pay me the 1230, which i think would be somewhat justtified based on their rules, but voiding winnings completely without a VERY good reason is not.

4. The part which is interesting is that they claim:I am not in anyway targeting you - but it has been pointed out to me that Kavaman a long time bonus hunter happens to have the same IP as you on several occasions. If you don't know this guy personally you can Google himand do a bit of reading. I don't know how else to say it - but how does this guy get the same IP as you during the same period unless you are both in the same room together.

First of all, kavaman does not have an account there, he said so to me, and they can check this. Second of all even if he had their rules dont deny playing from the same ip, just from the same household. And he DONT have an account, and is not definately playing from my household, this does not speak about ip addresses, only households, and nevertheless kavaman has not played on my computer so no same ip, not even an account at 888mint. We dont share the computers for casino playing. (casino rules point 6.Limit one bonus per household). I offered to send them a copy of my picture id and utilitybill to verify my identity but they just ignored that completely, and are just voiding winnings based on nothing. Third of all, kavaman is not playing so much casinos anymore, mostly poker (know this because we are friends).

5. I have been trying to explain that when i put all my funds including my deposit at stake atleast 2-3 times playing blackjack, and luckily won those hands if i had lost there would be no conversation they would have gratefully accepted my losses.

6. The rep also said:please take the time to read the 'terms and condtions' that you agreed to when you singed up at these various casinos.

Yes i do have accounts at few other casinos runnings on the same sofware. I have read the rules. But only at the casino which i play when i play. They cant simply make me read the terms in all casinos running under cwcgaming and put them together. He is posting me terms which are different from both casinowebcam and, they seem to be making both casinos rules count on my case, when i was only playing at 888mint at the time.

7. About a month ago the rep at cwcgaming said that In return for your cooperation I will try to get to contact you to settle your account payable.

The cooperation so far has been zero contacts in two months from the casino, and the casino never replies to emails. I mean any email even from different email addresses. (I have tried). There is also no phone number listed.

8. When he got my deposit today back on wrong currency he said there is nothing more he can do.

I dont understand what exactly has been done. 0 contacts from the casino, my winnings unpaid. Deposit half paid.

Hopefully there will be some better resolution/settlement on this. I dont know maybe the casino is telling the truth that large number of players have played them from finland. I dont know those players, and im the only person that has played on my computer at

kavaman has used my computer couple of times for reading casinomeister, because of referring me here few years ago but thats it. We never share the computers for playing casinos.
Sorry, but I've already been given privileged information from this casino group that points to players sharing accounts, etc. and all coming from a city in Finland. And by your own admission you stated that you've shared your computer at some point.

First of all, kavaman does not have an account there, he said so to me, and they can check this.
Do you mean at CWC or Both of you have accounts at CWC with the same IP address:

I would just let this one go. All of this looks very suspicious to me. I'll point out that they refunded you in the wrong currency though.
Neither one of us has the ip you are pointing:
My ip:

Kavamans ip:

You should see these ip:s from casinomeister forum logs?

In my own admission i said we shared a computer using casinomeister forum. Nothing more. Actually kavaman is the only one that has used his account at my computer a few times at CASINOMEISTER because he is such an active user here. As so many other casinomeister users here propably have done if they are friends. It has nothing to do with the casino in question.

Kavaman does not haven an account at 888mint, so i dont know why it is being said he has.

I also pointed out that problems would have arisen earlier if we were sharing the same computer, at other casinos with big softwares.

Where is the proof that something wrong has been done by me at 888mint?. Maybe other players from espoo definately not me.

The problem is with 888mint not casinowebcam, and that ip mentioned is not being used by either one of us. More on the ip thing, the rules say only 1 bonus per household, not same ip and its not the same thing or is it?. Like i earlier explained he does not have an account at
"Bonus Terms & Conditions

The total maximum bonus that will be given for your first deposit bonus is £150.

In the interest of fair gaming, the amount of your deposit plus the bonus must be wagered a minimum of thirty (30) times before withdrawing. Risk-free bets on any games (i.e. betting in proportions on different outcomes in the same hand to create "action" without risk) do not qualify for this withdrawal wagering requirement. Examples of risk-free bets include betting on red and black simultaneously in roulette, and betting player and banker simultaneously in baccarat. In addition, after the initial deposit, a minimum of 30 bets must be placed, with no one bet exceeding 25% of the initial deposit.

You will be given the chance of accepting or declining the bonus at the time you make your deposit. At that time, you will be reminded of the wagering requirements. If you accept the bonus, you agree to abide by the wagering requirements, and understand that you will not be able to make a withdrawal from your account until the wagering requirements are satisfied.

Any bonus money you earn by taking advantage of's promotions will be stored in a "bonus money" account, which is kept separate from the account that holds your cash casino deposits. When you are betting at the tables, bets are first taken from your bonus money account until the bonus account is empty.

If the bet made using bonus account money is won, the wagered amount, taken from the bonus account, will be returned to the bonus account, and the winnings will go into your cash account. If the bet made using bonus money is lost, the bonus account is decremented accordingly.

Limit one bonus per household.

If you lose your entire deposit and associated bonus, but have not satisfied the entire wagering requirements, any remaining wagering requirements will be waived. reserves the right, exercisable in its sole discretion, to discontinue or cancel any promotional offer at any time for any reason whatsoever and without any prior notice.

Bonuses are not available to employees, contractors, advertising agencies, and their immediate families.

Danish and Israeli players are welcome to play, but must email customer support at for playthrough details. "
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Is there any evidence to show that bonuses within a particular casino or casino group were credited to more than one account with the same ip address. Simply allowing kavaman to occasionally share the computer (even for playing at casinos)does not necessarily mean that this player is part of a group who abuse bonuses.

In the past 2 years, I have had my accounts at 2 MG groups locked because they suspected that I was related to a group of bonus abusers. They never had any proof and when I protested they reopened my accounts. The only reason I suspect for the closures was that I am from Hong Kong and the same probably applies to this player as well. Keep us posted on developments mimm

In response to chuchus post the ip casinomeister posted does not belong to either of us. When i checked my ip today it says: I have been a member of this forum about 2 years, and i have never had problems before at any casino, so we are definately not playing from the same computer. The problems are at 888mint not casinowebcam.

Even if we playing from the same ip (which we are not) the terms at 888mint don't forbid this, only the household rule one player per household. And we are not from the same household.

Kavaman doesn't have an account at

If further proof on the ip:s is required, we spoke earlier with kavaman and we were discussing that if we have accounts at some of the same casinos. We came into a conlusion that both of us have had account for example 32red for several years. 32red is a very reputable microgaming casino and their fraud system is based on both ip and MAC address, and the standard utilitybill picture id scenario. I am sure they could also verify that we are not playing from the same computer, if further proof of ip sharing is required.

Some questions that need answering:
If has nothing to hide, why arent they ever responding to any emails, and not willing to discuss this matter any further. Software provider is also not giving any phone number or managers email, so contacting them is impossible.

I believe im being labeled as some fraud player, just because the casino says so, and my side of the story is not being heard. Why there are problems now, not earlier at other more reputable casinos. Why no replies to emails from 888mint, why no other evidence then an ip that neither one of us is using from our homes. Why software provider is hiding the direct email/contact info of the casino manager or someone who could give a response. Why no response to what exact rule of the 888mint terms and conditions i have broken.

I just realised that casinomeister is talking about us having the same ip at casinowebcam. We should not have the same ip there either as our ips are the ones mentioned earlier. 888mint is the casino with these problems not casinowebcam.


Funnily enough, they are welcoming me to play at casinowebcam. My email communication with the person who has some control over casinowebcam who paid my deposit back at said that im welcome to play at casinowebcam.

And casinowebcam is where they claim i have made some "fraud", not at 888mint, but still they welcome me to play there. 888mint just happily took my money because of the "problem" at casinowebcam.

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