Problems at inetbet, anyone else?


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Right now the wheels just keep spinning, they never stop. It is the same at all games. I have tried my internet connection so no fault there. Anyone else having troubles?


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I uninstalled them because of frequent hangups of the wheels and poor play.


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I just left playing there and had no problems with the wheels spinning. They spun at the same pace as usual.:confused:


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I was having what appeared to internet connection trouble with iNetBet also, but none of the others.
I think mine is working correctly now.
Hopefully it is temporary, maybe something to do with the update?


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I've been having connection issues with Inet for several weeks now. Hopefully they will figure out the problem and let us know.

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Hi Everyone,
We have had software and hardware upgrades in the past week or so.
These should all now be over/in place.
If anyone is having issues please either drop me a PM or else email with your username and problem. Please give as much detail as possible. We can then take a look into this for you.
Best Regards
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After downloading the latest update I was able to login and play (last night) without a problem........except that I lost my huge $10 deposit :p


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Seems in the evenings getting on this place even after the hardware upgrades is a pain. I wonder if they really only upgarded the hardware for the new games or if they suppsedly upgraded the hardware as well to support more players. It just seems like between 5 PM (-06:00 GMT) and 2 AM (-06:00 GMT) getting on is a shot in the dark. That's just my two cents worth.