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Mar 9, 2006
Hey everyone...I hope to make this quick. Long story..but my husband has a gambling problem. And he did the e-check online for funds he didn't have. It was a few thousands dollars. ( I know its horrible long story and we have talked about it). It was sent to a collection agency here in the USA. He is going to pay it back. But I had just a few questions.....

1) will this go on his credit report? It happened a few months ago now and still has not showed up on any of his credit reports.

2) Can they legally sue him if he doesn't pay? ( I am not suggesting him not pay I just would like to know)

3) Do you know what country Citadel is based out of?

4) Have any of you heard of this happening to someone else?

I know this is horrible. And we have had some issues that he is dealing with. But if any of you know anything about this please share. Hope this was ok to post here. I figured maybe some of you might know something about it. I am able to control gambling...but may not be able to gamble much longer because of the stupid US banning it. But thats another story isn't it. LOL

Pretty much all I have to offer is that Citadel is a Canadian company. If the debt was sold to a U.S. collection agency then it will probably show up on your/your husband's credit report in the near future. Beyond that, it is probably treated pretty much the same as credit card debt, which you should consult your state's attorney general web site to find out what your rights are as far as not receiving calls at home or work, etc.
1) Who cares since you're going to pay it
2) Who cares since you're going to pay it
3) Who cares since you're going to pay it
4) No
Ok Thanks slot junkie.

bpb... I was just wondering since I have never heard of this happening either. And as far as the credit DOES matter regardless if its paid or not.

I can't help you with any of your questions, but I can suggest doing a search in the older posts. I believe I read of someone in a similar situation a while back.
I sincerely hope everything works out well for you.

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