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Jun 6, 2003
After having won $9128 on 6/3, and cashing in, I inquired to having the money deposited into my checking account. I immediately provided the necessary information in order to have the transfer done as quickly as possible considering the amount of winnings. I also email the casino help desk to find out how long the money would stand in a pending account. I was told through email that the money would only remain available for twenty four hours (see email below). At this point, the money was set for direct deposit. I additionally phoned the casino to assure the safety of my winnings. At that point, I was told I had a bonus set to the account since it was a new activation. The bonus was an insignificant amount which I gambled in one hand. The problem occurred on 6/5 when I checked my email. My email was filled with transaction details from the Vegas Joker Casino regarding purchases made to my credit card accounts. Moreover, I discovered that additional credit cards had been added. I immediately phoned the casino and was told that my $9128 had been cash in and spent, and prior to that an additional $2800 and been billed to my credit cards. One of the cards was not in my name, so I questioned there security procedures since it clearly states on their web page that no other credit cards can be used other than those by the signatory.
Essentially, I was told I was the one that gambled t he money and now I was trying to get it back. I was told that I would not be receiving the $9128 even though it remained in the pending cash in for longer than the period of time I was told was policy. More importantly, I was told I was responsible for all charges even though I did not authorize any additional charges after my cash in of the $9128. All attempts to talk to management fell on def ears. I was continually told I was the one that lost the money. I continued to tell the casino of attempted hack attempts on my computer, and further stated that I would forward emails of attacks that have been logged on my computer. These emails were sent to the company that host the IP address of the attempted hacks.
Finally, my major complaint was the fact that my cash in was not processed in the time stated to me. I affirmed that the money would not have been able to be cash in if it were processed according to their own policy. In short, I was told that I was out of luck since I was the one that allegedly gambled the money and even though the cash in was past the processing time, I was out of luck. I was further told that I would be responsible for all charges made to my credit cards. I once again stated that I had not played at the casino since 6/3. I had them address my playing statements to show them when the cash in was made. Once again, they simply blamed me and told me I would not be receiving any help or assistance from them. Ultimately, I was out of luck and money totaling close to $13,000. If there is any way anyone can help me in the matter, I would greatly appreciate it. If any additional information is needed, please contact me at

Enclosure: This is the email I received from the help desk. You can see it clearly states that the money would not be available after twenty four hours. All of this was told to me after I cashed in my winnings and submitted my banking information for transfer.

Begin email:
Dear John,

Thank you for emailing our Help Desk.

When you make a cashin, the amount you cashed-in will stay in 'Pending Cashins' for 24 hours.

This gives you possibility to reverse your cashin should you wish to do so. Reversing a cashin will return the amount you cashed-in to your real casino account without needing the approval of our credit card handling server.

After 24 hours, the amount you cashed-in is moves from 'Pending Cashins' and will be processed on the next working day.

Your purchases will be automatically refunded to your credit card/s or Firepay Account in the order they were originally purchased (mandatory) and your NET winnings will be sent to your registered address by cheque (by default).

Credit card refunds take approximately 2-12 working days (depending on the credit card company), before they appear on your bank statement;

-Cheque refunds take approximately 7-20 working days for delivery (cheques are sent internationally).

Further to your request please note that funds sent by Wire Transfer take approximately up to 3-10 working days (after we have received your bank details).

Usually net winnings over a certain amount will be sent via Wire Transfer (there is a charge of $30 for this service) and therefore we strongly think that you will be refunded in the above mentioned way. However, the final decision lies ultimately with the Accounts Department and you will be notified should they need further information from you.

If you have any further queries, or comments, please feel free to reply to this email.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to contact us on one of our Tollfree Numbers listed below.

Best Regards,


Vegas Joker Casino

Vegas Joker Casino Toll-free Numbers ===============================
USA: 1 866 526 2311
United Kingdom: 0 800 015 1943
Italy: 800 784 662
Australia: 1 800 999 172
South Africa: 0 800 990 954
France: 0 800 912 133
Germany: 0 800 182 1286
Spain: 900 938 970
Portugal: 800 880 399
Japan: 00531 78 0107
Canada: 1866 296 5200
Greece: 00800 912 133
Hong Kong : 800 96 6112
Israel: 1800 944 1341
Hi Jcapp, When you first played at Vegas Joker and won your money, I am sure the casino was able to see your IP address. You should ask them if the additional play, and cashin request, came from your computer. All they have to do is check the IP's. However, I have to say if additional credit cards were added, how would anyone have access to your CC's in order to register and use them? You said there were hacking attempts on your system, if they took your money and gambled it away, and then proceeded to lose an additional $3000...this was no attempt on the part of the hacker...he scored royally. Perhaps, the CC that was registered that was not in your name, can help you find out who did this to you. Good Luck.
Hi all,

I have a thorough response from the casino on this. I haven't posted this since I would like to have the player's permission to do so first.
Simply put, it was player fraud.

jcapp3078 hasn't signed in since the day he posted, and the casino gave me evidence that this player tried to scam them. I asked the player for permission to post this information so he could refute it, but he never responded. Thus I let it rest.
I can't believe there are so many people TRYING to scam the casino.
I had been visiting a lot of Forum since directnetpay issue, just to educate myself and learn something. Most place is just player compliant and make me start to wonder all the casino being honest or not. Hard to believe all the excuse people use to get money from casino. Well, I sure see/learn a lot here now.
Glad to find you guys here.

Have a nice day/night to you all.

P.S. Is there any new information about Wager21 casino? Just wondering...

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Now you can see why casinos like FL are so quick to withold funds and lock accounts when they smell something the least bit fishy with an account. There are more people scamming than not!
I agree there are many people scammig the online casino industry, BUT, I disagree with it being more so than not.

And due to the ones who do try and sometimes succeed, this in turn makes every casino too quick in locking accounts and refusing to pay winnings.

My opinion only: I believe the online casino's are using this as an excuse as to not pay the players their winnings. If not this excuse, it's another, and this one seems to hold popular with them.
That was a bit of an exageration on my part jinnia, but I'm sure that every day there is someone scamming all of the major casinos out there. And not all casinos do this. I've won substantial amounts at some casinos that never asked me for any kind of ID. They just sent the winnings to my neteller account, no questions asked. For the most part though, once you've sent in your ID, you will never be asked for it again or have your withdrawls delayed for lack of ID.
All I can say about proof of ID is, credit card -front and back - and my picture ID will be all I'll ever submit, so if a casino requires more than that, I'll not play there.

There are too many online casino's to play at without disclosing the brand of toilet paper you use.

If one casino asks for picture ID and credit card information only and pays requested withdrawals successfully, then they all can.

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