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Dormant account
Nov 11, 2004
i made my $50 deposit for their $50 casino match bonus today.

i lost all but $0.95 playing blackjack, so i moved over to jacks or better VP.

i bet 3x$0.25, got a queen that i held, and pressed deal.

the software said something about a connection problem, restarted itself, and i went back into VP where i was still holding the queen and i hit deal and made a full house. i pressed collect, and the "connection problem" came up again. i logged in again, and this time when i went back into VP, it was as if nothing had happened. i had my original $0.95 cents. i checked the history: no mention of any VP hands played there. so i contacted their live support:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Bob'
Bob: How may I help you today?
stinkypete: hi
stinkypete: i just played a hand of jacks or better video poker
stinkypete: with a 3x0.25 bet
Bob: hi
stinkypete: and made a full house
stinkypete: and it said i won about 10 dollars
stinkypete: but now there's no money to be seen anywhere
stinkypete: it started saying something about connection problems or something and made me restart the software
Bob: please hold
Bob: Unfortunately we do not have access to the poker room customer service. Please email with your full name and email address and they will assist you with your query.
stinkypete: this has nothing to do with the poker room
stinkypete: its the caino
stinkypete: casino
stinkypete: jacks or better video poker
Bob: Sorry.
Bob: Are you able to log into the casino?
stinkypete: yes
Bob: Are what does your balance show?
stinkypete: $0.95, which is what i had before i made the bet
Bob: Is that the balance in your account, or the casino?
stinkypete: casino
Bob: All of your activity for today has been played in blackjack
Bob: and you have wagered your funds down to 0.95
stinkypete: yes, thats correct
stinkypete: and then i played jacks or better video poker
stinkypete: and bet 3x0.25 and made a full house and won 10.25 or something
Bob: There is no activity in video poker in your account
stinkypete: and then your software made me disconnect and i came back and went back into video poker and it said i won but the cash never got credited
stinkypete: i can see that its not in the history
stinkypete: but i played video poker.
stinkypete: there's obviously some serious bug in your software.
Bob: please hold
Bob: I have double checked this, and there is absolutely no record of you playing jacks or better poker in your account
stinkypete: yeah, i realize that
stinkypete: but tell the guys that write the software that theres a serious bug
Bob: the system shows that you have entered to play, but you have not played any hands
stinkypete: and its going to piss off a lot of customers
stinkypete: i most definitely played a hand, regardless of what the system says, so your system needs to be fixed
Bob: There is no "bug" in the casino software
stinkypete: i can assure you there is
Bob: I can assure you there is no problem with the casino software
stinkypete: well, in that case there would be $10.30 in my account rather than $0.95
Bob: No, because you have not played a hand in video poker
stinkypete: i most certainly have.
Bob: your history shows that you have played blackjack today, and nothing else
stinkypete: i'm really surprised that your supervisors allow you to be this offensive
Bob: I'm not being offensive, and my supervisor has confirmed that you have not played any video poker today
stinkypete: well thats incorrect.
stinkypete: but thanks for calling me a liar.
stinkypete: i appreciate it
stinkypete: i can assure you i won't be playing here again
stinkypete: i realize i'm not going to get any money back, all i'm saying is you should have the software people look into the bug.
stinkypete: i'm trying to do you a favour here.
stinkypete: but i can see that my patronage is not appreciated
Bob: We have checked the software, and there is no problem with it
stinkypete: you obviously haven't checked the software
stinkypete: you don't even have any idea what checking the software entails
stinkypete: but i can see that you're obviously not going to listen to me
stinkypete: i'm a software engineer, i know you can't just check the software in about 10 minutes when the people that write the software don't even work in the same building as you, probably not even the same state
stinkypete: so am i correct to assume that you aren't going to do anything about this?
stinkypete: i'd rather not waste my time anymore if that's the case
Bob: As I have said, there is nothing wrong with the casino software
stinkypete: could you answer my question please?
stinkypete: am i correct to assume that you aren't goign to do anything about this and i should stop wasting my time?
Bob: If there is nothing wrong with the casino, then we do not have to do anything
Bob: I'm sorry, but according to your account, you have not played any hands of video poker
stinkypete: yeah, i can see that myself.
Bob: if you have not played any hands of poker, then there is nothing to correct
stinkypete: except i have played a hand of video poker, thats the problem here
Bob: if the system shows that you have not played a hand of video poker, then you have not played
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

be careful with this casino. definitely do not play jacks or better video poker.

the money's not an issue to me, so i'm not going to bother trying to get it back, but i think everyone should know to be careful with these guys.

i was probably a little bit rude which i'm sure didn't help my case, but i guess i don't take well to being called a liar when i'm just trying to point out a problem with their software.
To Bob checking the software means looking at your play log! I know it is frustrating for you but for us on the outside, it is hilarious. It is totally pointless talking to him. The log says no VP play today so there is no VP play today.

As I recall, in the recent presidential voting in Ohio or something, there was a voting machine with 4000+ votes for Bush but there were only about 600 or 700 registered voters in that precinct/county. Now imagine Bob is the person that oversees the voting of that county. Because the machine has 4000+ votes in there so 4000+ people must have voted. It doesn't matter there weren't nearly that many people living in the area who were registered to vote.

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