Problem with Reef Club Casino


Dormant account
May 29, 2003
On 5-9-2003, I received an email from Anthony Joseph, Director of Security for Cassava Enterprises. It said that effective immediately they have decided to close all of my accounts. They said they didn't like my style of play. The email specifically said that "all pending funds and cash outs will be paid to you accordingly." I had requested a Neteller cashout from Reef Club Casino that very morning. It has now been 20 days, and I still haven't received a penny of my cashout. I have sent numerous emails. Some of my emails have gone completely unanswered. They have responded to some of my other emails by simply saying that "we will forward your email to the proper department" but no other response from the supposed proper department has been forthcoming.
Today, June 2nd, they finally paid me in full for my cashout from May 9th. I am now fully paid, and I never plan to return to Reef Club or their sister casino Casino-on-net.

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