Problem with Queenspins


Apr 4, 2022
I registered and wagered the welcome offer at Queenspins on January 13th. After wager I had 8977 EUR in my balance. I requested 4000 + 4000 + 977 EUR withdrawals.
The casino then closed my account and requested for documents. I have sent them bank statements and source of funds documents for three months, as well as selfie with passport, passport picture, address document, credit card copies.

Their last email to me was on March 12th and since then I have not heard from them and the chat will not help. All the documents they asked for were sent to them.

Is there anything that could be done here to help me complete the verification and receive the payments?

@homerbert @N1 Partners Group Could you please have a look? I will also send a DM for both of you as I am not 100% if you are the corret rep for Queenspins. My username at Queenspins is Tervm4

Thank you for your time and efforts.

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