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Feb 13, 2006
So, I was winning a tournament at littlewoods casino. The winner gets 500 pounds. The tournament is scheduled to end at 6:59 pm. I log into my computer at 6:00, and watch it. Around 6:45 I start refreshing every 30 seconds or so, watch the time tick off, until it says there is no time left. It says I still have the chip lead, and I cannot make any more wagers. It doesn't say I have won the tournament, or that the tournament is closed, but I can't place any more wagers, and another tournament which is supposed to end at the same time has already declared a winner.

So, figuring I won, I go eat a sandwich. I check back 45 minutes later, and it says someone else won the tournament! Second place only gets 100 pounds! SO, either the software allowed the guy to place a wager after the tournament was over, or the software (which I was constantly refreshing) failed to update and tell me someone had caught up, so I could try to chase them.

I contacted customer support, and it doesn't look like they care too much. Maybe I should talk to the software provider?
Don't bother with CS

Littlewoods CS are not up to this, they can't often sort out the commonest of issues.
Your problem is down to the software. The score table will refresh on demand, however, it will not recalculate the score for any participant who is currently logged in.
If you know this, you can use this to advantage if the opportunity presents itself, although it means you cannot check if your bluff has been called.

The possible scenario is this, a player sees the current leader's score and logs on close to the close. He/She has a good run, and gets ahead of the leading score they saw. If they have enough playing time left, they can remain logged on, and the original leader will not be able to see that their own score has been breached until the tournament closes and shuts out all players, at which point the scores will all update, and prizes awarded. If it is a multi-player table, look for a player who was very high in the score table, but who is idling along to the close at "stupid" $2 stakes. You cannot see their balance, but you can see their nickname. Unless they are in the lead, you would not expect them to be playing like that near the end, they will either be going all out to win with big bets, or will not have logged in but would be checking and refreshing the scores.
I was dropped off the end of the prize tables in a similar manner before, but not from first to second, only out of the consolation prizes.

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