Problem with InterCasino by mrcism


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Sep 1, 2015
Farnborough, UK
Hi there - I'm a new member to Casinomeister but have looked in at these boards many times before to see what's what.
Basically, I joined today to warn people about something I have never come across before - a problem which I only discovered last night to my cost, despite having played at numerous online casinos and thinking I knew these places inside out.
The problem arose at InterCasino; I had accepted absolutely no bonuses - and made a point of checking the bonus box, then deposited £400 via PayPal; the day before I had withdrawn £500, (the maximum allowed to be withdrawn per day - or so I was informed when I tried to draw out more), to be paid into my PayPal account, (which is the exact amount that I had first deposited there) - but which hadn't yet been approved.
So I was happily playing away with a spare £300 that I had in the account but started to go down rapidly - so I decided to deposit a further £400, (again carefully checking the no bonus box), when all of a sudden I realised I now had £900 in my account.
Apparently no deposits are allowed here when the player has a pending withdrawal, and when you try to do this (which nobody warned me about), my pending withdrawal was automatically refunded.
What a crazy system at InterCasino - only £500 maximum withdrawal per day and this no deposit thing when there is a pending withdrawal.
Never heard such a load of cobblers before.
Anyway, it didn't click with me at first just what this 'extra' money was - and I thought that somehow I had mistakenly been given a bonus, so as this wouldn't have been reversable I did the only thing anyone would do with what they thought was 'free' money - conditional of course, which must be played through so many times to be able to withdraw, I attempted to play it up using higher stakes than I normally would just to be able to get out of this situation - and of course I lost the lot.
Now if I had known this was my own £500 real cash pending withdrawal money I had in my account I would have again applied for this to be withdrawal - but there was no warning or nothing written anywhere that I could see about this.
I think its a con trick - Intercasino know that players will be impatient for their withdrawn money, so they drag their heels in the approval department until the player makes another deposit and thus automatically get his pending withdrawal money back and inevitably loses it, which is exactly what happened to me.
I don't think that InterCasino are straight.
Suffice to say that I will never be playing there again.
Hope that the reader understands this rather convoluted problem and would I like to know whether the same thing has happened to anyone else at this particular casino.

All the best


Oct 24, 2014
United Kingdom
Agreed - it is a terrible system.

This happened to me yesterday almost. I have a pending withdrawal (they now keep all withdrawals reversible for at least 72 hours) and I went to make another deposit and it ALMOST cancelled my withdrawal before I realised what was going on, logged out and swore at it.

It does warn you before it happens, but is not the clearest and is frankly a stupid system, not allowing deposits with a pending withdrawal in place.

I used to like them, and am sure their site did not used to be like this..

Worth noting, their reps are MIA at the moment...