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Sep 2, 2010

I have a problem with gnuf - I tried pming the rep so I didnt have to post but it doesnt appear to be working....nothing appears in sent messages? can you pm me please betway support? or is it better just to say here?

hello why dont you try live chat @betway as they are parteners i think or failing that try support@gnuf & tell them your problem , they seem to always get back to you via e mail & there normally quite quick aswell.
Thanks for the replys guys...

I did try betway live chat thanks for that tip! I had no idea I could do that,there is no live chat on GNUF website I think?

My problem was I thought I was being ignored by support as I sent in multiple emails and all were ignored, or so I thought. It turns out that they were being rejected by betway/gnuf systems as the attachments I had added to them (my cashout documents) were too large for their system..Therefore no mail got through so they couldnt approve my cashout but I thought I was being ignored as I never got a response despite resending and resending lol.

All sorted now thanks betway support

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