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Nov 1, 2012
Hello everyone. I have a problem with EuroGrand casino. I registered real money account, gambled and risked my money and won some there. After meeting wagering requirements I requested a withdrawal. Then I was asked to provide documentation which is necessary for this procedure. For a very long time my docs could not be delivered because of some problem with the address that they provided.When they finally managed to receive my documents I got a message from support team that my account balance is reset. Without any proper explanation.
Statement that I have breached terms and conditions is not a proper explanation, from my point of view. When I tried to find out what exactly happened and what terms I actually breached according to them I got a rough answer that again explained nothing. Moreover when I continued my attempts I got an answer that casino won't explain anything and I would be better stop trying to do so because it is meaningless. It is not a matter of 5$ dollars you know. It is good sum of money which everyone I guess would like to spend. I just want my money back and adequate communication between the casino and the customer.


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EuroGrand are part of the William Hill Group.
Although not Accredited here, they do have a rep on the forum who logged in a week or so ago...
Try sending him a PM about your problem by following this link: Link Outdated / Removed

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Nov 1, 2012
Did you breach any terms you're aware of? (playing restricted games, betting above the allowed max). Email them with a clear question asking what terms you breached?
They aren't accredited here and I've never played there.

I didn't breach or break anything. Everything was played and wagered only on eligible games.


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Oct 14, 2004
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I didn't breach or break anything. Everything was played and wagered only on eligible games.

This seems a common problem, and is down to you not having breached any specific term, but the casino feel that you did not play in good faith. This is sometimes referred to as "not playing to the spirit of the promotion". Had it been an ID or fraud issue, your account would have been locked, not merely reset.

This problem is common with welcome bonuses. Since you have won and withdrawn, you have no history of becoming a loyal player, yet you CAN'T establish such a history unless you lose the first time, and are willing to deposit again.

This is also Playtech, and they have a central database that tracks players across all Playtech casinos, whether related or not. This is "commercially sensitive", and officially this database does not exist. If the confisaction is down to information from this database, you will never get a direct answer to the question "which term did I break?".


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May 15, 2012

Hello all.

I have issue with eurogrand and didnt find another chain.
My problem is this, i use mobilephone (Lumia 920) and i have made ten deposits
in eurogrand mobile. Everytime lost instantly deposits.
Thousands spins and only one time got over 10xbet win.
420€ d+b and got only 670€ wagered with those moneys.
Only one time got free spins in those playtech games.
Its really hard believe that its really clean software from playtech :s
But that is not my problem anymore,now im wondering that
do anyone know that is there support anymore?
I have request 2 times to close my account in week,but they
dont close it :s Is there some group where that casino belongs
so i can send request there?