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Aug 2, 2004
Long-time listener, first-time caller. Just wanted to report this issue.

I just started playing at Eurobet and was hoping to add it to my monthly list, but I had a strange experience the other day. I was playing 3 hands at $1 apiece, and the dealer was showing a 4. I had blackjack, 14, and 15, so I stood on all three. The dealer then dealt himself a 6, but the score showed that he had 9 total (instead of 10). Then he dealt himself a 2, and the score showed that he had 19 total (instead of 12), so he beat my two lower hands. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? It's not a big deal, as it's only $2, but I tend to play pretty quickly and for all I know it may have happened before. It could certainly happen again, too, so I'm a bit concerned about playing more there. I saved a screen shot, and included it in an e-mail to their customer service, which I have sent four times with no response. I also believe that I have finished the WRs, but they have not released the bonus to me. Let's just say that they are not impressing me.
homerjay said:
Attached is the screen shot of the odd hand. They still haven't responded to my numerous e-mails...
give'm a buzz. they should be a reputable group. if I'm not wrong they use a software not as wide spread as RTG, MG or PT
Homerjay - have you tried giving them a call? It is obvious that there is a glitch in the system. This seem to be happening all over! If it is not dissapearing cards, it is adding stuff.

Like you say it is only a small amount, but maybe they are not aware of this glitch... maybe they are but would rather not admid it!

I do hope you get it resolved soon!
Just thought I'd update everyone on how this issue was "resolved". After 5 e-mails, they finally responded to me. I didn't really want to phone them, as it seemed like an issue that they would have to see in order to address, ie., look at the screenshot where the dealer is showing 12 but claiming to have 19. However, they wouldn't accept e-mail attachments, so it really didn't make any difference. Basically what they told me is that what I described could not have happened. Then they got very condescending and explained the rules of Blackjack to me. Here's a quote:

"Thank you for your message, as explained on our rules of the Blackjack game, it is impossible that the dealer can stop with a total of 12:
Please read the following extract from our "Help"

"After the player's final actions, the dealer reveals the down card. If the dealer's hand is 16 or less, the dealer must continue to "hit" until reaching 17 or more. The dealer must stand on soft 17 and cannot take additional"

Really??? Thanks for the info!

We exchanged about four e-mails, with me explaining that I already knew the rules of blackjack, and that I wasn't looking for any kind of compensation, I just wanted to point out to them what appeared to be a glitch in their software. I told them that it is already difficult to have confidence in the fairness of online games, and when something like this happens it further erodes that confidence.

I was basically just asking them to acknowledge the problem and give me their assurances that it wouldn't happen again. However, their conclusion was that the problem was caused on my end, that I must have gotten disconnected and was therefore not able to see the final card. Interestingly, I could see that the total claimed to be 19, and I was still connected after the hand ended, but when I pointed that out to them, they said that it was "caused by a connection speed error, as even though you were not disconnected, you were unable to view the cards in the result order that was sent by our server and subsequently recorded in our database." As a result of that, they could not assure me that it wouldn't happen again. However, as a gesture of goodwill they credited my account the $2 that I lost on the hand! Yippee!!! Now I can afford that operation that my grandma needs!

Hey, they could be right, it could have been a connection speed issue. But there was one other point that makes me sceptical of that claim. Keep in mind that I can't prove this, as it happened too quickly to capture a screenshot, but it seemed to count incorrectly from the time the first card was turned over, not just at the end. When I am watching a hand being dealt, I naturally watch the card turning over, then look down at the total a split second later. Then I do some quick math in my head to think about my chances of winning the hand. Again this only takes a split second, but don't we all do it? (E.g., dealer showing a 6, turns over a 5, my immediate thought is "I'm dead", or dealer showing a 6, turns over a 9, "I should win".) On this particular hand the dealer was showing a 4, and I watched him turn over a 6 with a feeling of dread. However, as I looked down at the total, it showed 9 not 10. Then the dealer turned over a 2 and I thought "Oh no, now he's going to credit himself with 11 and I'm going to lose". But when I looked down at the total, it showed 19, and the hand was over. Weird, eh?

Now I may have just imagined this, and they may be right that the problem was on my end, not theirs, but it made me think. I mean, there are plenty of casinos out there that are happy to take my money, so why would I waste my time and money on one where I thought the software was suspicious? I guess I'll just move on...

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