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Apr 4, 2004
Hi All. Being new to the world of on-line poker I was wondering if anyone out there knows a good site where I can set up a private poker game with my friends. I've been looking around but most of the sites are very vague as to what they'll be charging to host the game. Any one know what would be considered a standard fee or give me some advice on what I should expect. Thanks.

Party offers private passworded tables. You click create private tables, name it, give it a password and limit, then invite your friends. If you want ring games thats the only place I know. They do not offer private tourneys.

Private tourneys are offered by Absolute Poker a place I play at a bunch.

Americascardroom (and skins) offer private tourneys too but in my opinion they have done some shady things in the last year and a half that make me feel they are not ethical. Check the threads about them here for more info. If you do decide to play there your money is safe banked by betcris.

These are the only 3 that come to mind.
Thanks Poker Addict!

I checked out Party poker, and the rake seems a little high, but if it's a reputable site I may have to go with it. I also checked out Absolute Poker, and it looked good but before I could open a private table I have to earn 10,000 points, which I'm sure will cost me a bit of cash. I posted a question about Pokertropolis, so I won't repeat it here, but I'm going to keep looking. Thanks for your advice, I really appriciate it.


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