Prison Escape-Inspired Gaming


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Aug 13, 2010
Has anybody tried this slot?

A horror of a base game with a trail type bonus round to get to differing bonus rooms which have levels between 1 and 4, you have 2 lives so you can and often do leave with nothing.

10 bonuses triggered.
The first 2 bonuses I took the optimum strategy via 'walkie talkie' messages in the game, for both of those bonuses I had the maximum level for that bonus and they paid 10x(1st bonus room) and 4x(2nd bonus room).
6 bonuses I lost both lives instantly and the other 2 bonuses I lost them just getting to the 2nd bonus room.

350 spins total, loss of 250x bet, highest win was 12x bet in base game.

Max win on this slot is 1000x apparently.
As you have the choice to collect a bonus or continue it states the RTP is between 31.75% and 96.3%(not a chance it will reach this figure).

The bonus game is fully predetermined.
How does this shite get past audits?