prism casino payouts(or lack of the same)


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anyone else had trouble getting their winnings from prism casino? I won$1000 with the 175% bonus-played it as required then they came up witht he excuse that I had 4 accounts with them (totally untrue)and refused to pay out


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Why would you be "surprised" by this??

Prism is "Virtual Scum", and has had numerous complaints from the day they first opened.

Another "Feather in the Cap" for Michael Staw, and his merry band of "internet thieves"... :puke:


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but is there anything that can be done as they insist that all bets are final. also why the several days delay before they process your withdrawal obviously so they can dip into your account and remove funds without your consent. surell this must be illegal


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Problem is Virtual Casino Group is in Costa Rica, as are all RTG casino ( from my knowledge ).

The same place if you have enough money & need a organ transplant, surgeons will find some poor Costa Rican sod to sell you one of his body organs.

It's not the USA or another country, least of all one that has fair trading laws, to my understanding.


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Costra Rica is incapable of issuing gaming licenses. What they do issue is "business licenses". A gaming license and a business license are two very diffent things. All casinos that state they are licensed by Costa Rica should be avoided, as there is NO gaming regulation whatsoever.


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Good point to bring up, I forgot about that one :eek2:

I'm pretty sure that they; casino's in Costa Rica, can not processing billing from within Costa Rica.

This may be a lead in which you could follow, depending again on where their e-processor is located. However please bear in mind that Virtual Casino Group owns their own e-processing company, hence maybe a mine field.

Hey I'll do some checking markey111 on which country their e-processor is located.

Will try to get back to you in a day or two ;)


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Be careful.

I remember someone here also has problem with Prism Casino invloved with EZTP. Unauthorizated charge at her bank account. In fact Bryan sent me email about the forum because I email him about EZTP issue.

I talked to my bank and they told me EZTP tried MANY times to take money out of my account unsuccessfully.

Good luck!
P.S. I think windows casino use them now. I won't play either one as long as invloved with EZTP.


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Okay. I check it's from Jinnia on June 22.
You can take a look your self. Hope you won't have any problem with them. I think they might clear out those "technical problem" by now.


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markey111, the best thing you can do is warn other players and stay the hell away from Prism, Virtual and their many clones.

Costa Rica is not likely to be a responsive venue for any complaints, and Virtual is on almost every good Rogue list.

If you gave them any credit or other card details you might want to take protective measures there, too.

(Tongue in cheek) there was a poster here called Hot2Slot who was vociferous in defending these casinos - perhaps she will mediate for you!


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There's not much that can be done with Prism. Sorry, but I won't invest my time with complaints about them. They are non-responsive and just plain crooked. I wish people would be a bit more investigative when playing at online casinos. Just type in "virtual casino group" or "prism casino" at and a lot of good information comes up (once you get past the banner farmer ads). I haven't ranked high with Prism being listed at google because I haven't dedicated a whole page to them; they are merely lumped in with all the other "Virtual Casinos". But many of the others "Cirrus casino" for example, are listed near the top.

You must use discretion when you throw your money around.

I've received your "pitch a bitch" and I will forward it to my contacts at RTG. Perhaps they will be able to help you out.