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Mar 15, 2003
PRISM Casino paid me. It was only $200 after i bought $20 with their 300% bonus. Customer Service was Nice. But it did take 11 days to receive it. I hear that they are going to go thru a new makeup to improve their reputations.
Prism still has not paid me, not even the $200.00 they say is due. I've sent a few e-mails to them over last few weeks, not one reply, nor a response at all from Safebet or RTG on the complaints I submitted to them both last February.

I was going to say To Hell with all three, but if they are handing out ear-muffs and winter jackets there already, I guess they made it.
Hi Jinnia,

Prism Casino is probably the worst mismanaged casino in the industry. They will lie in your face when confronted with a slow payment (or non-payment). It's inconceivable for ne trying to understand why anyone is still playing there. Player greed. That's all I can figure. This casino feeds off player greed by making promises that they don't plan to keep. And the players fall for it everytime. Anyone promoting this casino is doing so knowing that this casino is a pathetic piece of crap. And in your case, I would say the hell with all three:

Prism Casino is a joke.

Safebet is a fake watchdog organization

And RTG doesn't give a flying rat's ass.

Does this sound like a company(ies) with scruples?? I think not.

Furthermore, I would avoid any Safebet connected casinos like the plague. These casinos are engaging in the ruse of this fake organization. They think that you the player are too stupid to figure this out.

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Hello Admin,

Same here, any one who plays at Prism might has well not waste their time and just write them a check and mail it to them.

I sent an email to RTG asking if they have any information about my complaint, not a reply at all.

I've sent e-mails to all my friends who play online telling them not to play at Prism, the few people I did refer and opened an account, stopped playing there and uninstalled their software.

I know they are hurting now for players, so they must be losing money, that means anyone who still plays there won't win, or if they do, they'll not get paid.

So all Beware of PRISM Casino.

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