Prism Casino or EZTP.NET .. which one?


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Mar 7, 2003
Bite, ME
Hi y'all, just an update on my dealings with Prism Casino and/or the payservice>,s<, they use.

Logged into my checking account yesterday, I check it everyday. There were 3 charges from already 'settled', these NEVER even showed up as a pre-auth, anyway, the account that was debited with these unauthorized charges is the same account I got hit with over $1100.00 worth of unauthorized charges this last June. I had my card "hot carded", and a new one issued to me. This new card has NEVER been used online, local stores only. So I went into my bank to find out how these online debits got there.

Well, guess what? Either Prism or has done this and there are 17 more charges waiting against my account (before card was 'hot carded') as pre-auths and to have them put through my on certain dates. Said they were put there this last June, and waiting to hit my account this month as debits >,deposits<, I made in June. As soon as Prism/ says to go ahead with them.

More theft here. I went through every one of my snap shots of all casino's History accounts and and these deposits does not show up on any of them. I went through all this in June when filling out fraud papers at bank when this began in June.

What this casino and/or this payservice does, so 'Beware" people, is set up for phony deposits to hit your credit card (checking account) every so often after having used them at one time and they have all your information.

So Wanda5, your bank just may not be in the wrong with your charges, the casino and/or pay service has set up deposits you NEVER made to keep hitting your card (checking account), even 2 to 3 months apart.

I had to open a brand new checking account and let the one being fraudulantly charged remain open but not for use til these charges stop hitting it. Then my bank said they would credit every penny back to me, phony debits and bank charges, (including all of the last ones a couple months ago) and they will go after this casino and/or payservice.

[1] No, I do not play there, not since middle of June.
[2] And No, these are not legit charges made by me just taking a while to go through, FOR, every single time I use my card, locally or online, I pull up my checking account and the charges/online deposits are already there posted as a 'pre-auth'.
[3] Every time I play at a casino and make a deposit at time, I ALWAYS go into the History and check it and take a snap shot of it and my deposits I just made with them are already showing in the History there of.

This is nothing more than THEFT. But whether it be Prism, or the payservice, They'll be dealing with a federal institution this time.

I have PROOF with all the pre-cautions that is possible to take when using charge/debit cards online that from June and continuing as of date that this is THEFT!!

Just an update .. not asking for help or anything else. I tend to handle things on my own, just wanted to 'warn', 'advise' people to keep watch on your statements, for 2 or 3 months down the road, they'll hit you with deposits never made, again!!

Wanda5, If I were you, I wouldn't keep putting it off, go to your bank, file the papers and get it going.
I guess we should not be surprised that Prism/Virtual are pulling this sort of stunt but outright theft on this scale is deeply shocking and should be of great concern to every player who ever made a wager there or at any of their many clones.

And I hope you will copy this post to Brailey, Tom as well, because RTG need to get involved bigtime with this before the Feds come knocking on their door in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Can you imagine how much money they must have creamed off of players who do not take as much care as Jinnia does over their financial records?

It's an object lesson that players cannot be too careful, and the sort of thing that gives ammunition to those legislators seeking to kill this industry.
<hr size=0>quote:<p>Just an update .. not asking for help or anything else.<hr size=0>​
Exactly, because there is nothing else you can do with Prism. Only warn people about these dweebs.

I can't warn players enough about these guys, and this is one of the reasons that I (and a number of others) made an effort to explain to everyone that Cirrus Casino is probably being run by the same people who run Prism.

Many of you really need to backup and regroup your thinking, and make better choices at where you want to spend your money. If you are patronizing casinos that have a history of wrong doing, and are aware of these problems, you have no one to blame but yourself.

I can assist players in many of these cases. But Prism and the rest of the Virtual evil ones are "untouchable". There is not much RTG can do about them (shut them down? be real! they rake in too much money), and the operators either play dumb, or they really are. I won't waste my time with them.

Good luck jinnia on nailing these clowns. Please continue to keep us posted.

I filed a complaint with RTG when the first monies was stolen from my account back in June. Not one dang word from them what-so-ever.

People who has EVER, even once have deposited with Prism, I'd check my statements very carefully over last 3 months, that's how long you have to dispute charges on a credit/debit card.

In June when this happened, Prism tried suggesting it had to be the payservice, if it was only one, I might have believed them. But it was
four different payservices that appeared on my bank statement that Prism uses. So I doubt seriously it was all of them, it my mind and heart, it was Prism and no other!!

I'll send my post to that email addy you posted, but it'll be a waste of time!

I will keep y'all posted as it goes along.

And you are right for not wasting your time with this group.

I do believe, at least praying they have made a bad mistake this time by stealing money from a federal institution. I TRULY hope something comes of this and they are put completely out of business.

I made a mistake, thought I had solved it by not depositing with them any longer, but it looks as if it takes only one mistake on a players part by giving any information to these people. They'll steal from you and deny it, or try to point finger in another direction, or just ignore you.

I don't like people to suffer in any way at all, but honestly, they deserve to suffer, right where it hurts!
I also wanted to add in support of CM, jetset & every other person who has taken conviction to stand against RTG & the rogue casino actions they support.

When I ran Gamblers Lodge, I was in contact with Micheal Staw & Tom Brailey on a regular basis. My original contact being in mediation for a player.

Over our many phone conversations, both Micheal & Tom had said they had every intention in cleaning up any casino that used RTG software, in a unceptable manner.

Unfortunetly I beleived what I was being told.
However now 12 months on & still no change, one can only view their words in the art of pulling one's chain.

At the end of the day RTG gains a kick back from every dollar that goes through each casino. IMHO they; RTG, don't give a toss, how or where this money comes from.
Ok people, Micheal Staw and Tom Bailey just got an email sent to them. I'll let y'all know if they even respond, and if by some miracle one or both does, Ill post it here.

Thank you jetset and glodge for the email addresses.
Hang in there and keep us informed, Jinnia. We'll give this story a little "air" too because this is just downright wrong and almost certainly dishonest.

RTG (who have business relationships with both licensee and processor) have on numerous occasions and to various audiences given the assurance that they are tightening up on their licensee probity checks and more determinedly policing their licensee's conduct.

Yet one sees more and more complaints regarding their casinos which would suggest that they talk up a storm without doing too much in a practical sense.
Thank you jetset. I'm hanging in there, one: I want to see these people go down (Attach Removed (Old not found) they will anyway). And secondly, I want to keep this going where ever I can so as to try and stop this before it happens to someone else.

I was told it is illegal to gamble online in state of Misery (Missouri--grin), but this has nothing to do with gambling, it is right out theft, so I have the option to file suit in 'Federal' court and was told, if found to be be guilty of theft within a federal institution, any financial holding they have in the US can be locked and they won't have access to it, meaning money such in banks, etc.

I'm a hair away from doing just that!!
Jinnia, EZTP DID THE SAME THING TO ME!!! DirectNetPay is his customer.

I check my credit card and they charge me again. They "saved" my pre-authozation code and just post it 8/5. However, they extra charge me and extra credit me on June. Now I got charge again. The whole thing is very mixed up. EZTP have a lot of problem, even woth a wireless company at UK.

The customer service is just an Answering M/C.
Good lcu!

sorry to hear you're being done this way also.

And yes, the 3 debits that posted on my account THIS time and the numerous other debits waiting to post through are from, of which it could be them this time, but, back in June it was EZTP.NET, AVPSolutions, IFund-Compecash, SelbourneLTD, of which Prism casino uses each one of these, and probably more. I just don't see it being the payservice last time, unless it was ProcMoney of which each one of these route through them, so I was told by a guy I talked to at EZTP.NET at time.

My bank said, even if I closed down that account, since these debits are showing as pre-auth's to go through at different dates, AND set up to do so back in June before I hot carded that mastercard, it would automatically re-open that account each and every time a debit hit it.

I sure hope it all stops for you bewitch, it's stressful by putting you in a bind of being short on money to pay bills, etc. I'm by no means well-off financially, and my mastercard is/was a debit card, money comes right out of my checking account, so last June, it drained my account, took it in the red, no money in it for nothing.

I since learned ANOTHER lesson, open second checking account, used for nothing but your online gambling. Easier to keep up with debits going through it.

Good Luck bewitch
Hi y'all,

received this today::

[color=0000ff]From: Tom Brailey
Date: Thursday, August 07, 2003 10:02:57 AM
To: jinn
Subject: RE: Read This!

I would be happy to get someone to look into this for you, but will need to know your account information. Please go to Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) submit a claim form.

Thank You,


Not sure if I should waste my time, they didn't even say 'go to hell' last time, not one word.

I think I'd rather have my bank go after them.

Any suggestion.. thoughts on this from anyone?
that's my thoughts bewitch.

After all, they are a federal institute, and have the resources to follow through for as long as it takes.
Do both, nothing wrong with going at them from both angles.

Do you really believe RTG will do anything at all?

Even in email I received form Tom B., it says, " would be happy to get SOMEONE to look into this for you".

To me, that says he really isn't interested in it, would just get 'someone' to look into it.

I know not who people are, so who exactly is Tom B. at RTG?
I need your user name please, so we may look into this problem. Please E-mail it to , I will call you ASAP.
We will work very hard to resolve this issue in a timely manner.
Also, please send a CC: to the owner of this board, I want to keep him in the loop.

Also Mr. Casinomeister, please send any complaints you have towards us and we will do our best to resolve all matters.


John Shepard
Prism Casino
Thank you John Shepard, email was just sent.
oh mister meister (say that fast 10 x's)

if you do this, your job is really cut out for you...
I am so happy for you, Jinnia. At least, they step out and want to clear this outwith you now! Hope everything go well. Please keep me update.

I wish DirectNetPay or Goldbetting/LadyDream will do the same thing.

Good luck!
It looks as if someone has at last lit a fire under Prism. That in itself is extraordinary!Perhaps they realise that they have now come up against a truly determined complainant who will fight this all the way and involve any and every body that has influence.

Please keep us updated here as many will be following this story closely.

Jinnia I would send that email to RTG - if they're offering to help (a rare occurrence) then accept their assistance. As jpm says go at it from different angles and keep the pressure on.

This sort of conduct is absolutely and totally wrong, and you have every right to make a major issue out of it.

(Message edited by jetset on August 07, 2003)
Thank you bewitch , but this, as I see it, is going to be a long battle before the war is over.

Are your unauthorized charges on a regular credit card, or a bank/debit card?
They may not jinnia, but if you don't try then you'll never know. And what's the harm anyway? Typically the bank will ask if you tried to work it out with the merchant, etc. so at least you can say yes I did try.

I know that the one time I filled out that form when I was owed money by Casino Merlin after they went under, I actually got it from RTG a few weeks later.

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