Prime Casino (MG). Eater Bonus Scam


Dormant account
Feb 28, 2010
Prime do often send me promo mails,and all i need to do is goto "claim page",then the bonus appear after 15 min.(approx.).
Never had any issues there.
(I never had an cash out there,but,anyways.:rolleyes:

NOW,i get an '100% Easter Bonus'* - based on all your deposits.
Note: The maximum Easter Bonus is $100. This will be credited to your Bonus Account.

So,as always,i deposit 90 $, but after 15,min i get mail saying............

Having processed your claim, I regret to advise that you
have not qualified for a 100% Easter Bonus* due to
the following reason: This promotion has expired. Please refer to the terms and conditions to check the dates of the promotional period .

Oky:mad: On the claim page it states :
PROMOTION DETAILS - 100% Easter Bonus*
From: 00:01 GMT. on Friday 2nd April, 2010
Until: 23:59 GMT. on Monday 5th April, 2010
So, i did the live chat (had to wait 28min :eek:)
They said they will credit bonus,after the promotion period had ended :eek::eek::eek:

wtf,it this. Just be warned.
I just cashed out my 90$.
I never start playing,before the bonus are in the account.
So much bulls... going on