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Feb 24, 2007
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First off, let me say hello to everyone here as this is my 1st post. After doing some research i came across this site and look forward to contributing here in the future.
Any american that plays on Prima knows how hard it is to deposit and withdraw since neteller went down.They even sent an email out saying they will no longer be issuing checks to US players. This brings me to my current situation. After contacting my skin several times to ask them to implement a new payment method, they told me the only option at this time is Ecocard. So i go ahead and create an account there, continue to do a test withdrawal for $30 and come to find that they sent my money to a bank in denmark. This was 3 weeks ago and Ecocard has yet to respond to any of my emails.

I decided to do some research and came across another skin of prima called Intertops. It seemed good as they have an option called Trupay, where they issue a debit card to you in order to deposit and withdraw, so i signed up. Only problem was i had all my money on the other skin i play on, and since Prima does not allow inter-skin transfers or player transfers, i had to get my money to Intertops in order to cash out in a safe manner. Me and a friend continued to a HU cash table where i subsequently gave him the money in my account and he gave it back to me a few days later on my Intertops account.

The other day i wake up to play and my account is locked. After several phone calls and emails, i get the response that what i did was committ fraud and collusion and would not be reopened. I continued to ask how was i colluding if it was at a HU table and how in any way was it fraudulant. The only answer i got was that the site was worried that me or the player would reverse our deposits and they would lose money, as this seems to happen all the time. After explaining that my previous deposit was for $25 and the other person in question rarely makes deposits as well, there is no chance the money will be reversed as the deposits were already cleared. I also suggested if they were that concerned about losing money, to empty my account and then reopen me, just so i was able to play. This was denied also.

I have played with Prima/Microgaming for 3+ years day in and day out with absolutely no problems whatsoever. My username on there is marlboro8425, im sure if anyone in here plays there, you have played against me before. I am also very aware of all the collusion rules and before i did this, i read the terms and conditions and did not read anything about doing what i did. I feel as though i am being robbed out of my money and am seeking help for this situation. Hopefully something can be done and this matter can be resolved, i have looked everywhere to find a direct contact for Microgaming, but was unable to do so. Sorry for the long post, i just wanted to cover my whole situation. Does anyone have any ideas of what i can do??
thanks winbig, i have already wrote to him/her and have not heard anything yet. i guess it is just a waiting game.

You might want to try the email link as well that's in his profile. He hasn't logged in for about a week now.

I have wrote to him in the past and received a response in a matter of 24hrs, but with all the UIGEA crap going on, I'm sure he's bogged down.
i have tried that and his email link is not available. the situation just really looks bleek at the moment.

I'd ask the mgr of the room to forward this to Prima for investigation. They locked your account, not the room involved...For Intertops to tell you that your account will not be reopened is a lie. It's also not their place to make that decision.
Me and a friend continued to a HU cash table where i subsequently gave him the money in my account and he gave it back to me a few days later on my Intertops account.

This is a big no-no. It's called chip dumping. Unless you can show all the transactions in both instances, you have little chance of winning your case. And even then it is going to be a pain in the butt.

While I understand what you wanted to do - you couldn't have chosen a worse way to do it.

You should check out PokerStars. While they are not on the CM accredited list. No other poker site can match their history or reputation. When all the other sites, were slowpay / nopay after the NETeller debacle, PokerStars were still paying their players with little or no hassles. IIRC, PokerStars will also accept your Trupay card for deposits and withdrawals.
i realize....

the situation and with the circumstances being the way they are, i did what was the only option to me in order to get my money out in a safe manner.

the situation and with the circumstances being the way they are, i did what was the only option to me in order to get my money out in a safe manner.

This is the industry displaying the same level of hypocrasy they are blaming the US government of.

Casinos are resorting to all sorts of devious methods to find loopholes in the US clampdown on the movement of funds between their players and the casinos/poker rooms.

In this case, the industry failed to find a loophole for this player, so he worked out his own. Now, far from a pat on the back, the poker room comes down on him in the same way the DoJ are coming down on Neteller for their "devious ways" of getting payments past the noses of the US banks. In poker, it is chip dumping as a means of moving money from A to B, in Neteller's case, (and in the case of many casinos), the process has been called "Money Laundering" by the US DoJ. In both cases, the "crime" and motives are similar; allowing the rightful owner of the funds to get it to where they need it because "the system" won't let them use the normal, open methods.

While two wrongs don't make a right, casino operators should look to their own behaviour in these trying times before instantly demonising players for their behaviour, bourne of their determination to still play despite the efforts of the DoJ.
I had a Check bounce from a Prima room recently. They told me to create an eco card account and send a scan of the check, which I did and heard nothing. When I contacted them again they said ACH bank transfer was the only option so I gave them my details. I'm still waiting for it and I'll post back when I get it.

I'm not too worried, because I know alot of the Prima skins were using the same check proccessor out of Salt Lake Utah and the processor decided to close the accounts and put a stop payment on the checks, not the poker rooms. The check I got cleared, and only bounced a month after it cleared. That's the only part that really sucked, after the check cleared I spent the money then a month later the money is taken out of my bank account. :mad:

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