Prestige Poker - software not able to handle lag....


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Oct 13, 2003
Just a heads up....

Played a SnG at Prestige Poker today. The server had severe problems, resulting in huge lag. When we were 2 players left, it was almost impossible to play because of invisible cards. I only have the screenshot of the final hand of the game, but I think it pretty much shows the scenario. I felt I was robbed of my chances to win the SnG because of this, so I wrote their support. While they did acknowledge the connection problems the reply was basically "tough luck, dude". No compensation and not even a "we are sorry for the inconvenience".

I wouldn't play there for any significant sum of money until the software has been fixed.....

The screenshot shows showdown for the final hand. Or whatever you might want to call it since both turn and river are invisible. As I wrote above, this was not the only hand where this happened, but this is the only screenshot I got...
After another email, they decided to comp me with 1$ and 10 cents... I'm thinking they must have had a good laugh when sending off the email...

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