Prestige Gaming change software to Playtech


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Mar 30, 2004
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Effective on October 1 Prestige Gaming Group will be using Playtech software. They say Playtech is considered for sure "the best and most profitable for everyone". I think it is profitable for them and not for the players.

When their software use Boss Media, the BJ seems streaky but now they will use Playtech it will be now rigged.
I know playtec is fixed, it the only major software provider I cant beat. Its fun mode and real player mode are not the same. People should not promote them in any way.
All fair software will have to be replaced! I wonder if is available???
Playtech so rig their games especially Blackjack. I've also had a bad time with the doubling at VP too. The only game i would try would be their BJ Switch and that is unbelievably streaky (but just about fair according to my long term results).
Playtech is bad news for players.

Do you know if the three casinos that appear to be in same group are going to Playtech?

That is : Prestige, Playgate, and Diamondclub?

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