Prestige Casino refuses to honor 10% of loss bonus


Dormant account
Nov 8, 2001

Need a bit of help again (you helped be to collect my $16k from Club Dice about 2 months ago. I've since been playing a Prestige Casino (Boss Media) and was doing well.

I received the below listing email (full text below):

<, In a message dated 12/17/2001 12:06:09 PM Pacific Standard Time,
<, writes:
<,<, Dear Suzanne,
<,<, allow me to express my sincere thankfulness for playing at Prestige
<,<, Casino!
<,<, Christmas is in the air and everybody is happier.
<,<, Prestige Casino wants to be good and make you happy, too.
<,<, Yes, we have decided to offer only to you ( account with PINxxxx
<,<, our great Christmas gift: 10% Refund of all your money lost during your
<,<, past week!!!
<,<, Yes, we will credit back on your account 10% of all the money you loose
<,<, during these special weeks.
<,<, This fantastic promotion takes off Monday, December 17th, 2001 at 00:01
<,<, GMT (18:59 EST) and will end on Sunday, January 13th, 2002 at 23:59 GMT.
<,<, You have the privilege to play every week and therefore to be refunded
<,<, every week during this "4 week" promotion!
<,<, Every Monday, till 23:59 GMT you must
<,<, an e-mail stating the amount of money lost and within 48 hours we will
<,<, refund you back 10% on your account.
<,<, One simple rule to follow: you must deposit $100 or more during
<,<, the week.
<,<, All amounts lost will be calculated.
<,<, Partecipating to this special promotion offers you an extra opportunity!
<,<, For every $100 you deposit you will earn also 1 credit which entitles you
<,<, to taking part to our Grandprize "2002" draw worth $25,000 scheduled
<,<, on January 14th, 2002.
<,<, Join the fun and start playing.
<,<, A cheerful Merry Christmas from all the Staff.
<,<, Frank Redford

On 12/30/01, I ended up losing over $41,000 after which I deposited another $1000. According to the email, I should qualify for a 10% of my lost amount be refunded. Instead the casino gave me $100, saying that they only refund 10% of the deposit....

Can you read the above email, and I've I'm wrong let me know, otherwise can you help in getting the $4,000+ which I feel they owe me.

Thanks again,

It may be unintentionally misleading (such an offer could prove very expensive for a casino if taken at face value) but the fact is that it does suggest that you get ten percent back on ALL of your losses - ie not only your deposits but monies you won and gambled again in the course of the week.

Are there more specific T&C's elsewhere on the site - not that that should excuse a badly worded offer?
Just a thought but Suzanne you have left your security PIN in the email on a public board (not everyone is honest unfortunately)- suggest you or Brian DELETE it pronto and maybe ask for a new one.

Good luck

The key:

"All amounts lost will be calculated. "

Bryan, let me know if you do not get any assistance - I will get on their tails.

Wait a minute. Did you deposit $41K or did you play THROUGH $41K?

If the latter, and you only deposited $1,000, then that's all you should have been entitled to.

I did not deposit $41k (I'm actually a net winner at the casino--deposited $9000, cashed out $14000), during the course of December I played and ran my account balance up to $41,000 (my playthrough was around $1,000,000).

When I received the email (12/17/01), my account balance was around $20,000.

On 12/30/01, I lost the entire account balance, plus another $1000 which I deposited on 12/30/01.

If I'm reading correctly I feel they owe me $4,200. What do you think?

I didn't notice, but actually, what they call a "PIN" is really just an internal account number. Its neither the log in name nor password.

But I appreciate you mentioning it.

Under normal circumstances, I would have to say that this promo is intended to refund 10% of any deposits lost during the period of the promotion.

I do not think that, having had a positive balance at the time, that losses from that point onwards could be used to claim the 10% - but then again I am not the casino operator either.

But even so, if they WERE to take into account your starting account balance at the time the promo was mailed, you would only be entitled to $2,100.

Any time you are unsure of a promo you must always mail the casino to ensure that you have the correct response confirming what you thought. Had a casino rep validated this in writing, saying that losses on your positive balance would also be counted, they would be forced to abide by that.

I don't know how Bryan is going to read this, but I think you're going to have to accept the fact that any such promo can only be applied to deposits made during the appropriate period.

Now I see what Jetset was referring to. And undoubtedly there is room for confusion.

Let's see what Bryan comes up with - I'll stay out of this for the time being. Thanks for clarifying the point.
There is definately some of that gray area here. Depends on how you read it. Knowing Prestige, I am very certain it this is unintentional.

It does say all losses.

[Yes, we have decided to offer only to you ( account with PIN39750
<,<, our great Christmas gift: 10% Refund of all your money lost during your
<,<, past week!!!]

By the same token there are several references indicating on deposits. I just don't know. Impartially, I would say both sides have to take some responsibility. Either split the difference or maybe put the 4 grand in the account with a special agreed upon wager thru before it can be cashed out.

Certainly based on the sheer amount of the money involved.....100.00 is not an appropriate solution. Just my two cents.

The email may have "implied" deposits, but it was received when my account balance was $20,000...the implication I got was, "go ahead and play" and if you lose, we'll refund back 10% of loses. Generally with a $20,000 balance I can't imagine they wanted me to deposit more, just trying to entice me to play and lose (which worked).

Any comments?
Either way you met the deposit requirements right?

I completely agree, you played under a certain assumption and played hard I might add! You deserve the benefit of the doubt in a somewhat unclear bonus offering.

Personally, I read it as ALL LOSSES during the period of the promo, how much was in your account is irrelevent, it was your money and you lost it during the promo period. As long as you deposited the 100.00 as required, that is what it says to me. Let's just hope that Mr. Redford agrees.

I sincerely hope that they work this thru in an equitable fashion.
SuziRose: It is shocking to me how you, IN YOUR RIGHT MIND, could run up your balance to $41,000 and then give it all back. Bossmedia has a $5000 per month withdrawal policy, and the entire sum (less $1000) would have been YOURS in 8 months.
That's an enitre year's pay for most people.
You hit the jackpot of a lifetime, and then threw the money away. What were you trying for -- $200,000??? Are you that greedy? And even if you did make that kind of money, do you know how long it would take to withdraw $200,000 at 5K per month? Now that's what I call G - R - E - E -D !
That kind of money can change a person's life - FOREVER!

It amazes me how many people are completely addicted to casino gambling. They lose all self-discipline and self-control, and don't realize they are playing with real money.

SuziRose - Your still a net winner at the casino (+5000), so I will refrain from further comment.

Certainly a thought provoking comment.

I do feel that "some" people are
completely oblivious when gambling
that this is "real" money, and it's
quite easy to just "keep playing".
Many of us (myself included) have
done this same thing.

Only after a period of time goes by,
do you start to comprehend the reality
of what occured.
Some learn from these experiences,
some never do.

As you also stated, at least "SuziRose"
is "still ahead" for the time being.
Hopefully, this is "cashed out",
and she gets to enjoy the "high"
of a winning session, which is
basically what it's all about for
most "gamblers".
Dave_r & mrracetrack....

I think we're getting a bit sidetracked wins or loses are not at issue...if I was not "gambling" I would not have been up $41,500, and for the record, I cashed out over $200,000 in wins from various online casinos in 2001.

The issue which I raised to the forum is should Prestige Casino credit my account 10% of my loses--$4,250 or not, based on the email which they sent me.

The issue is not, "quit when ahead", because if I did that at ever place I've played, I would have won much LESS during the year and I did.

And you noted, that although I did lose $42k, I am ahead at that casino (and Prestige has increased my monthly w/d limit much higher than 5000).

Did I cover all the points?
I kind of sensed that about you. Your comments are pretty controlled for loosing that much.

I, on the other hand..would have been screaming like a raped ape! I very much agree that how much a person wagers is a individual thing. 40k is weekend retreat for some and like Dave R. says, a years income for others.

Be it 100.00 or 100,000.00, the issue here is the same.

200k HUH? Wow! That's fantastic. Did they all pay up O.K?

They didn't all pay, but most of them did...I try to research casinos before {potentially} giving them a big chunk of my money. I stay away if I don't think they will pay me if I win.

I try to read the various forums---casinomeister being by far my favorite.
Thanks Suzirose for the Kudos... :D

I've just returned from a looong weekend and I should be in gear early tomorrow morning. I'm suprised that one of the Prestige casino managers hasn't stepped in and made a comment since they are registered members of this board. But then a lot of people have taken a fair amount of time off during the holidays and are plenty behind (like me).

I'll be checking into this tomorrow!

Where I live in Germany, most everything is shut down from December 24th to about now. Everyone is taking time off. So the wife makes plans with friends out of town and we're gone a few days. Actually I would rather be glued in front of my computer screen sucking up wierd radiation rays instead of playing in the snow with my kids NOT.

The grind begins tomorrow :(

Prestige Casino had a very poorly worded promo. I do not believe this was done intentionally.

Suzanne - despite my sarcastic comments in my above post, I still agree with you completely in this matter. A casino must have responsibility for the terms and conditions of its promotions, and this promo is as clear cut as it gets. The promo states 10% of all LOSSES during that timeframe. You had 20K in your account on 12/17 and deposited an additional 1K on 12/30. So based on this, you had 21K total losses from the time of the email, and Prestige Casino should be responsible for paying you $2,100 of it.

The email did make a requirement: If you lost money the week of 12/17 to 12/23 IT WAS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to email the casino on Monday 12/24 to get your rebate for that week. Otherwise any rebate for that week would be NULL and VOID. IF YOU NEVER EMAILED PRESTIGE THAT WEEK (and never deposited $100), THAN YOUR TOTAL LOSSES SHOULD BE COMPUTED FOR THE WEEK OF 12/24 TO 12/30 ONLY, AND PREVIOUS LOSSES (OR YOUR PREVIOUS BALANCE) CANNOT BE COMPUTED INTO THE EQUATION.

Suzanne - based on your comments above, I am assuming you did not lose $$$ the initial week of the promo. Therefore, Prestige needs to accept responsibility for its poorly worded email and PAY YOU YOUR MONEY.

I disagree with Spearmaster that there was any implication that a player needed to make a deposit. Spearmaster - show me WHERE!! WHERE in the email, does it state Prestige will only rebate 10% of a player's deposit. Once again, the email states 10% of ALL MONIES LOST THAT WEEK, without reference to a deposit. The word DEPOSIT was only mentioned twice in the whole email:

<,<, One simple rule to follow: you must deposit $100 or more during the week. >,>,

The other reference toward making a deposit was to gain entry into thier $25,000 sweepstakes, but this is neither here nor there, and has nothing to do with the promo.

Once again, Spearmaster, WHERE in the email does it make reference to a 10% rebate of the amount deposited, if a player loses all his money.

THERE IS NO SUCH REFERENCE. So, Spearmaster, how can you possibly come down on the side of Prestige? Perhaps the reason is your website,, is bought and paid for by the industry. I do not know if you've accepted advertising from Prestige in the past, but it sure seems that way. No impartial observer without an agenda would possibly come to your conclusion.

As for Mr. Racetrack and CPA I agree with most of what each of you said. If I lost $42,000 I would not be able to eat or sleep for 2 days. Suddenly I would be hit with the reality of the situation. THAT THIS WAS REAL MONEY. THAT THIS WAS MY MONEY.
I would then turn on the computer in the hopes that it was all a big dream. I would logon to the casino and check my balance. After seeing that it was only $0.75 cents, I would smack myself silly, and go into denial. The final outcome would be that I would never be able to live with myself.
I never would be able to forgive myself for giving away over $40,000.
Once again to quote the email:

<,<, Yes, we have decided to offer only to you ( account with
<,<, our great Christmas gift: 10% Refund of all your money lost
during your
<,<, past week!!!
<,<, Yes, we will credit back on your account 10% of all the
money you loose
<,<, during these special weeks.

Notice how the email says "ALL THE MONEY YOU LOOSE" and not just 10% of the DEPOSIT.

Case closed!

That's how I read it, and in the back of my mind, I was thinking, well worse case if I run bad and lose everything at least I'll get something back....That was the only reason I deposited the $1000 (after losing $41000+), and I did email them immediately. I followed all conditions in the email to the letter.

If not for the email, maybe I wouldn't have played (who knows)....

But the email did have it's desired effect (i.e. me losing my bankroll).

Hopefully Prestige will cover the 10% of my lose. I would like to play there in the future, as they do payout promptly.

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