Prestige Casino Dealer Seems To Get Amazing Luck


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Jun 24, 2001
I've been playing there 'for fun' before I bought some chips and got the $40 bonus, but the dealer seems to get amazing luck, 4 blackjacks in a row!
Has anybody played there for real money?
Yes, I know a lot of people that is really fond of this casino, but for me it was the one out of only 2 BossMedia casinos where I lost all my money. There was only one way and that was down all the times I played there.
Might be a lot of bad luck.
Thanks for your opinion Inge, I agree.
Prestige is my first encounter with multiplayer casinos. Is it me or do you do better when there's more than one player?
I seem to do better there when I join someone and would advise anyone going there not to play alone unless they play 2 or 3 hands at the same time.
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BJ is the worse game to win. More better play Baccarat. You can watch and racognize pattern to win. You have insurance that your bets will not lost because there is no BJ by dealer :)
House edge is the lowest

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