Press Release from PokerNow about Inability to Pay Affiliates


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
For those that do not know PokerNow is a Party Poker skin and they are in a dispute with IGM, the parent of Party Poker.

Press Release for

I would like to thank all our players for supporting our site since we started and in particular over the last month. Discussions with PartyPoker are underway and within a few more weeks we will be able to clarify any ambiguities associated with acceptable marketing promotions by affiliates. During these discussions PokerNow would still request affiliates not offer rake back deals. We are happy to let you know we are putting a plan into place to pay 100% of all monies owed, including February. This plan will be unveiled in approximately 3-4 weeks.

Jane Jack
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you gotta love a poker room manager who can come up with as creative of a pseudonym as JANE JACK :thumbsup: :p

no only is he/she nameless, he/she/it is genderless as well :lolup:
From Casinomeister News March 4 (there's more on the Party Poker row in this week's news, too)


No faceless operator here

Internet poker room owners are re-learning an old lesson, according to a report in this week's London Free Press - that it helps establish trust and a solid relationship with your customers if you are upfront about your own identity and involvement.

The article uses the host at, Jane Jack to make the point. The 41-year-old Stratford born former accountant, has been running her online poker site since last September from a beach home on the tropical island of Antigua. Last year, Jack decided to quit her job as a financial controller with a Cambridge plastics company and play her hand in the booming business of online poker.

In terms of previous gaming experience, she started playing serious poker in the late 1990s in Ontario's charity casinos and has proved that she's a good poker player through an understanding of the mathematics of the game and a tendency that has been noticed by other woman players - male opponents often underestimate members of the fairer sex at the tables.

"The poker world is still seen as a man's world and when a woman sits down at the table, she's seen as a pushover," Jack laughs.

She identified the online poker field as having potential early on and lined up backing from private investors generous enough to hit all the right notes in setting up her site. Then she formed a partnership to share a client base and technology with Party Poker, the list-leading Internet poker site based in India.

The reward for diligent business research, solid investment and lots of plain hard work are now starting to materialise. Since last October, PokerNow has signed up 4,000 serious poker players and thousands more "play for fun" participants who the poker room hopes will convert to real money action.

The serious players put up money, usually by credit cards, and play poker with each other. PokerNow makes money by taking a "rake" of $1 to $3 from the winning pot.

Jack is boosting credibility by becoming the persona behind PokerNow. Her biography and photo are posted on the website. She personally answers a steadily growing daily email workload and appears at trade shows across North America. "If you go out and talk to people, they know you are for real," she said.
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for some reason i thought jane jack sounded fishy :D

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