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Feb 22, 2001

Here's another US land casino gearing up for Internet action

It appears from an article in the Delaware State News that the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in the States is another land gambling firm with an eye on the potential for Internet gambling when...and if....the legislative bans against online gambling financial transactions can be lifted.

For now, the firm is asserting that the online casino games on its website are legal because they're free.

FunPlay, a new Internet gaming section on Dover Downs Hotel & Casino's Web site, allows visitors to play a multitude of casino-style games without money being wagered - prospective gamblers seeking to spin the roulette wheel, double down or roll the dice without changing out of their pajamas have been provided with a new place to indulge the whim.

"It's not Internet gambling because it's free. It's a fun way to draw people to our site," said Edward Sutor, chief operating officer of Dover Downs Hotel & Casino."Our customers can visit our Web site and learn to play the games and check out upcoming concerts and various promotions. It's a way to market for us."

Sutor said the site, launched earlier this month, would appeal to people who like to play for fun, and hopefully would attract new customers to replace those Dover Downs has lost or will lose to Pennsylvania slots, which opened late last year.

Sutor said Dover Downs hopes to add multiplayer games - such as the video poker and video blackjack games the state's casinos unveiled last year - to the site soon.
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