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Aug 5, 2004
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Does anyone know which casinos (reputable,of course) are still accepting PrePaidAtm as a funding option? I know many of the casinos took them off their "deposit list", but now that they are able to accept credit cards again, I can't seem to find a casino thats still takes it.

thanks for your help!
I stopped using them when most poker rooms stopped using them. I got an email yesterday that said you could email them for a list of merchants still accepting them. My instincts tell me to be very very careful with using them.
Golden Tiger and All Poker Casino are two that I play that still are using PPATM. They are back up and running as normal (in the US) so I bet that more casinos will bring them back on board.
thank you both for the replies.
i decided to just go, one by one, down my registered casino list and i did find five (so far) where i could use PrePaidAtm. in case anyone is interested, they are:

Hi Kishette,

after a rather long discussion with PrePaidATM, we at Global-Player Casino are still accepting them. For further information, please be referred to our Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) .

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Prepaid ATM casinos that are current

Hi, I haven't read any of the reasons or rationale behind why so many sites stopped using Prepaid ATM. I've never had any bad experience with them, only stopped being able to use them for awhile when their methods became so limited. Now, even though it's a bit of a pain, I go to a Moneygram site (which you can handle on line with a credit card) and do a "payment to a business" called Billsubmit with a Receiver Code (Prepaid's) of 2943. You'll need to provide the last digits of your prepaid atm account # as the "account number" and they charge 6.95 for $100 sent. THen prepaid charges another 5.00 so all in all it's about the same as any Western Union transfer. Right now I am able to use this method with the English Harbour group (specifically Caribbean Gold, in my case), Virtual Casino which is RTG so I'm cautious, but their games have been pretty loose of late. Just be careful to read any and all bonus rules and you're probably okay. Plus the Sunny Group is taking it, so that's Fortune Lounge, Mapau, etc. Many other RTG's and very, very few Micrograming anymore. Those NOT taking it that were are the Belle Rock group including Lucky Nugget, Riverbelle, Gaming Club and some other heavies. Captain Cook's is not taking it at present, either. This is quite an inconvenience if you prefer Microgaming play. I'd be very interested in hearing more player input/info esp sites that DO accept it still but also the skinny behind those who no longer are. And be careful because many still list it as an option on their home pages until you try to use it as a deposit method. Good luck, good fortune, to us all!
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