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Mar 10, 2005
I have a suggestion for Neteller, so if anyone has contacts with them, could they please pass it along (if you think it's a good idea as well)? I'm sure it'd carry more weight than if I took this suggestion to them by myself.

As some may or may not know, the AllAccess Visa & MC also works like a checking account (sort of). It will accept incoming ACH transfers, but won't accept outgoing transfers.

Because of this, you cannot register it as a checking account using the Routing and Account number with Neteller.

My suggestion would be for Neteller allow users to register this "checking account" to use for withdraws, and at the same time, block you from using it for InstaCash, and funding your account via ACH.

I feel since this card is very popular among users that frequent casinos as well as poker rooms, it would be in the best interest for Neteller to adopt this policy.

This would definately be beneficial to Neteller, seeing as how alot of their customer base is in the USA, and casinos cannot send funds back to customers' debit card (legally). This would in turn send more business Neteller's way IMO. More people would be using this method instead of just asking for an ACH transfer from the get their money faster :)

Another suggestion for Neteller would be to ALLOW customers to fund their account using the actual debit card! I cannot understand why they won't accept funding from the AllAccess card, seeing as how it works at every gambling site that I've tried.

Just an idea ;)
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