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Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Well, as usual, Canada is light years behind the US in something else. There is finally a prepaid/reloadable MC being released today. I can pick one up at my local MoneyMart, very small fee for reloading funds. Now, my question is, I asked them which bank it was issued through and they said it is issued directly through Mastercard? Is this available anywhere else in Canada, and have any of the Canadian forum members ever used one? My worry is that I will get one and load funds onto it, only to get home and discover that it isn't accepted at online casinos. And for the US members, do any of you use the Prepaid card option, and what casinos, if any, are you able to use it at? Thanks in advance for any feedback. :)
I have a prepaid Mastercard that I got thru Ace (a check cashing giant here in the US).....It is issued thru a corporation (bank?) called Netspend. Im assuming it is pretty similar to the one you are referring to. I am charged a $1 fee for each transaction I make (free to load though, of course).

It is accepted at MOST online casinos that I play at, there are a few though that it hasn't worked at, most notably: 32Red, which is becuase its a UK casino and they dont accpet US credit cards.....also, for some reason it doesn't work at any of the Jackpot Factory casinos,.........otherwise, its a very handy card, and a good way to keep track of my gambling transactions
Thank you funeralparty!! That sounds exactly like what I might get, Money Mart here is THE cheque cashing giant of Canada, so the card is probably very similar. I am not happy to hear that it doesn't work at 32Red, as that is the main reason I wanted to get it. I don't use Neteller, and 32Red doesn't take Payspark. I guess I will still get one, and seeing as 32Red still accepts WU deposits, I can always deposit via that route. I actually went to Money Mart to get one today, and wouldn't you know that they're having problems with the new system and trying to get the bugs worked out. Waiting for them to call me back and tell me I can come in and pick one up, but I'm sort of losing hope for tonight. And we are having a MAJOR blizzard here in Toronto right now. Not a night fit for man nor beast, lol. Thank you for replying, it is appreciated. :)
I have used Netspend for a few years now. I love my Netspend card !

I don't believe 32 red takes any credit cards do they ? I would love to play there but their purchasing options don't fit my needs.

Hi Pina !
Hiya hOOterwoman!!!! Thanks for the feedback, think I'm gonna give it a try. Worst case scenario, it doesn't work, and I withdraw my money back out of the ATM. If it does work, it will be a whole lot cheaper than Western Union. How's Hammer doing, does he like his new job?
Just a note.. all prepaid MasterCards are not created equally... it depends on the issuing bank. I've used Netspend's All Access MasterCard credit/debit for 3 years now and absolutely love it.

One huge benefit to the Netspend card is that it is backed by a bricks and mortar bank located in Texas (Austin I think) and your Netspend card is a 'virtual' checking account with a routing number and acct number .. meaning that you can ACH winnings back to it! Note that it doesn't work at all casinos but for the ones that don't require a scan of a voided check, it will work.

Netspend charges $1 every time you use it but if you make a lot of transactions every month, you can cut the cost by paying a monthly charge (9.95 I think) for unlimited transactions.. still cheaper than Western Union. You also can do a yearly fee which works out to between $6-$7 a month for unlimited transactions. Reload fees typically are $2 .. but you can transfer from one card to another (no fee).

I dion't know if Netspend is available outside the US. You can go to their website ( and type in a zip code to find the closest locations.

It probably would be helpful to others if people could list the types of cards that work for them (the company, the bank) along with the fees. For example, a lot of grocery stores carry them but I've heard that some don't work (just can't recall the brands.. sorry!).
Hey Pina,
The Money mart one is from Peoples Trust so it is Canadian, I checked out the Netspend and it is US only, so as long as M/C will let the online transaction through you should have no problems with 32RED deposits. My Visa doesnt work online anymore so I am going to Money mart and get one of these and try it, oh yea I almost forgot its 8c and sunny enjoy the snow.
enjoy the snow.

Gee thanks Jonevegas, we only got ten inches...and the temp is about minus 15 celsius. :eek2:

Yeah, I looked into this card more fully and found out that it is issued through People's Trust. I am definitely gonna invest in one, the card itself is $20, and I think it's a buck each time you reload, although if you are performing some other transaction at Money Mart (ie. cheque cashing) it is free. Gonna save a ton on Western Unions if it works. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. :)
Oh my gosh! You guys are life savers. Here i was going to go through the BS of opening a epassporte account. What a nightmare that would have been if I'd loaded up the card. What a joke!!!! And their customer support sucks. I hope, simply because you can load it online, that other casinos will start to accept it besides the shady ones that will take your money, whenever and however!

When you say that it depends on the brand.... what do you mean? When I go to the website and say I want the all access card, it says I can go to Safeway (a grocery store here if you don't have them where you are!) :).... So do you just mean the all access Mastercard itself... doesn't matter what store you get it from.

Have you been able to use this at Riverbelle? Spin Palace?

Also, you only get an access code to start, right? So how long does it take to get the actual card? And all the info will match mine? Do they send a statement or something?

Thanks for the additional info! I LOVE THIS SITE. So many people with so many helpful tips!!!!!
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Well I got mine at a grocery store called H.E.B. We no longer have Safeways here in Texas (or at least not in Houston). However im assuming all these All Access cards are the same, especially if it is a Netspend all access card (it should say so on the back and direct you to a website).

The only casino that really doesn't accept it is 32RED (no big loss there).
I myself have had problems depositing with the card at the Main Street Group (Playtechs-again, no big loss)........haven't tried at Spin Palace or Riverbelle.

I got my card in about 7 days.....and no, you won't get a statement, but you can easily check your account online.

Hope that helps.

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