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Oct 5, 2005
New York
Does anyone here use Prepaid ATM? I had to sign up for an account today to recieve payment and i really dont know much about it, as I normally us Neteller. Can anyone tell me any positive/negative feelings towards Prepaid ATM?
They suck!!!!!

NObody takes them anymore ( hardly ) and there is news that they are run by a convicted felon.
They have been known to have problems with their credit card processors in the past (numerous times) and have a fairly negative reputation, which supposedly is why so many casinos dropped them. If I had money in my PPATM account, I'd withdraw it as soon as possible. The service is unreliable.
PPATM was once a serious competitor to Neteller. Their ATM card does not have the double charge Neteller's does and the fees are slightly lower overall. Then as mentioned they have had serious CC processor issues, then they had either a change of management and/or ownership.

It is my understanding they then gave an ultimatum to the casinos. Either still accept us and receive more of your reserve each month or stop accepting PPATM and get slowpaid. Most accepted getting slowpaid and stopped accepting them.

As a customer I never had any issues and actually feel their support was great, granted it has been 1.5 years or more since I used them.
I just want to say thanks for bringing this up. I too just signed up for Prepaid ATM. And I realized after reading this thread that it is a bunch of GARBAGE!!! I mean, how do you call yourself a payment option, when only REALLY bad casinos take your payment method....

So, I checked into the Virtual Visa, Visa Electron option. The only reason I did prepaid ATM was because I could load via my debit card. But the Virtual Visa lets you do this too. They assess a small fee ($5 / $50-100 ie $5 for $100 load $10 for $150 load) but it seems worth it to me. All you have to have is a Visa to load from.

Anyway, thanks again for the insight I really appreciate it!!!!

I'm a new member and you all brought me here because of the advice! :notworthy

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