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Apr 25, 2004
Anybody know why PrePaid ATM is no longer a deposit option at most of the RTG Casinos? I'm wondering if this has something to do with Instant Neteller Withdrawals. Maybe all RTG Casinos are moving to this?
I am wondering what's up with PPATM. They are not able to process credit cards anymore. Maybe that is why casinos are dropping them. They have always been good to me and my cc company accepts them, too bad...
Betcris, CON/Pacific Poker and Absolute Poker have dropped them too. Here is an explanation I have received not in exact words from someone I know close to one of these decisions.

Due to the inability of PPATM to accept credit cards the deposits by this method have gone way down. This has made it very hard to process large cashouts by this method creating delays that look bad on the casinos if they must send a wire to cover theses cashouts that if done by Neteller would be done very quickly. These wires also cost more money. There is also the nervousness of the processors well being if they are unable to find a CC processor thus are creating very little in the way of fees.

Also keep in mind the casinos must keep a reserve in their accounts so if PPATM went bust they could be out 10% or so of their average monthly deposits. If the casinos are nervous a bust is possible then they want their $$ out ASAP. I have no first hand info about PPATM well being but the lack of a CC processor for so long sends up a red flag in my book.

I used PPATM regularly since they do not charge that BS $2 transfer fee for ATM withdraws before charging for the withdraw like Neteller does, not to mention several banks ATM's will not accept Neteller debit cards.
PrePaid Warning

I have a good source that tells me that PrePaid ATM has not been paying some casinos for weeks now. It was advised that I withdraw any funds I have in the account ASAP. I did not have any problems withdrawing $1000 last week, but if PrePaid ATM is having financial problems, it may start affecting players' accounts. Beware!

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