Prediction: Internet poker will face legal challenges


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Dec 16, 2004
Prediction: Internet poker will face legal challenges

State Sen. Roderick Wright, chairman of the state Senate governmental organization committee, made a prediction today as an informational panel convened on intrastate Internet poker.the general fund.

"There could be legal challenges if online poker were approved,'' he said. "If such challenges were upheld, the state could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually."

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Feb 14, 2010
Well, I can see ring-game competition to be not in the interest of B&M casinos. Where the money can be made is on-line MTT's. Lets face it on-line MTT's can be run for fractional currency, and usually in the "social" $1 to $10 range which can't be done by a B&M casino. Even then there's probably a grey area up to $50 entry. I'd say, call it $25 and under for on-line gaming MTT's... $25 and over for the B&M's.

If theres a problem, its the ring-games IMHO, unless a compromise is reached on maximum $1/$2. It would appear to be an entertainment niche is all that can be supported w/o too much $$$ conflict.

The second point is "intra-state". Low population states are a problem, needing a pooling to achieve any meaningful success. Can a State like ND, SD, WY, MT, VT, or ME consider on-line tournies or low-stakes ring games? The Rust belt, and the W. Coast generally don't have a population problem, and can give it a go.

I won't even go into finances, botniks, and MPA's. These above issues might kil it.