Predetermined cards should be investigated...


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Apr 24, 2005
Perhaps I'm talking garbage, and most of you may tune-out what I'm about to say, and that's understandable. But I've been playing at online casino's since '01, and over the years, the gameplay has gotten ridiculously more difficult.

I could never understand why so many preferred MicroGaming over PlayTech casino's. I've always preferred PlayTech's gameplay, graphics, as well as the websites. Ditto on the icon to talk to support. I thought it was crazy to play at MicroGaming, because the support isn't so prompt, and I've never really done well there playing Blackjack and Video Poker.

In '03, playing at PlayTech casino's, I made it to $1,000 in the neighborhood of 40-45 times. I made it to $5,000 about 8 times, $10,000 4 times, and I even went ballistic and made it to $52,000 over a 4-day period of playing Blackjack in August of '03. And then, it all ended.

Since the last quarter of '03, it seems like it's a struggle each time I use PlayTech now. Someone in another thread mentioned something about delayed reactions when the cards come out, and I get this too. The gameplay isn't so crisp anymore. The dealers go on unbelieveable runs (which is going to happen everywhere), but all too often. I've dumped somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000 USD on PlayTech casino's since the last quarter of '03, and I have yet to earn one cent since then.

How is that possible? I play a tighter game now, better strategy, and I'm not so greedy (and oh yeah, patient). Yet, I suck now. I played a very lose game before, and came out with amazing results.

I've lost so much one to one particular casino, that they've been throwing $20-50 bonuses at me over the past 3 months, whenever I visit and talk to the promotions rep (a very kind lady I must say). Do you know how well I've done on those? Over the past 3 months (concentrated at this one casino), I've received about 40 bonuses and I've made 30 deposits in that time. I do slightly better on my deposits (but still awful), and may at times make it 40% over what my initial deposit was, but on the bonuses, each time, no more than 25% and then krrr-plunk. You're telling me that using basic strategy, making thousands of dollars just a couple of years ago, and suddently I can't get past $25 dollars on a $20 bonus (almost 40 times)? 3/5 times maybe, 0-for-40!!! No wonder they kept throwing bonuses at me, it was pathetic.

I've closed down my account, and I couldn't care if they gave me another bonus, because it feels like I'm drowning the second I play the first hand (whether it be Video Poker or Blackjack).

I'm sure that there must have been some fine-tuning with the software back in '03, but to this day, no one really talks about it.

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