Preacher wins **BIG** on Texas Lottery Ticket


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Jul 27, 2007
Hutto, Texas - Near Austin.
Heard this story by word of mouth.

There was a Souther Baptist Preacher that led the biggest Baptist Church in within 50 miles of his small gossip filled town. Well, he would discreetly buy lottery tickets. He enjoyed playing the game, but would never let any one know he played the Texas Lottery... After all, the church looks down on gambling!

One day this Preacher scratched off a $50,000 winner. He decided to ask his young (male) Administrative Assistant to take the ticket into Austin and cash it in for him. He wanted to avoid any and all shame / gossip!

For a $500 payout, the young man drove to the Texas Lottery Headquarters in Austin and cashed in the ticket. Lotto officials informed him that it would take two hours to verify the authenticity of such a large winning ticket.

The guy had dinner and walked around the mall to kill time. Not one minute later that he was told to come back, he was there with his hand out.

The Lottery official congratulated the young man for having a winning $50,000 lottery ticket. He then handed him three pieces of paper and a check for the winnings: $850. The first page was the taxes automatically taken from the winnings. The second form was a receipt of payment of over $25k the young man owed in back child support. The third form was a receipt of payment for a state loan he defaulted on for dental school..... which he dropped out of anyway.

There could be 500 different morals to this story. But I am only going to ask this... Did the Preacher man have it in heart to forgive the young guy? LOL



GGW Laurie

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Jun 16, 2006
In the Beautiful South !!
it was brought to my churches attention by our preacher one sunday about the lottery as it was well over 300 million, my southern baptist preacher said that anyone who bought a ticket would be damned to hell but then he came back with" id expect 10% from any member here should they win". go figure:rolleyes: