Pre-Paid Visa/MasterCards?


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Dec 24, 2005
Is there any type of pre-paid card you can purchase online and use for only online purchases? I'm not wanting a plastic card to be sent out or to be able to use it at ATM's.

I've already got a MC debit card thru my bank, but, I've had a couple of strange charges to it and I'm wanting something that I can charge with say $100US or 50 GBP and just use it there and then, without waiting for the card to land on my doorstep.

Probably is available but not to Aussies.

Not sure if Outdated URL (Invalid) helps: but they may only have "real" card options Trezz. If not and you find one, let me know so I can add it :thumbsup:

Also, I've had success with gift cards..(Visa). I've never had a problem with funding my Neteller account with them, and they're usually < $5 to buy.

You can use them immediately too; no activation or anything.
Isn't it harder to cashout when you deposit with a credit card?
I use Click2pay and haven't had a problem with them yet. :)
Isn't it harder to cashout when you deposit with a credit card?

Yes, but you wouldn't be depositing at the casino using the card. You can fund Neteller, etc with it and keep your bank account out of the equation altogether except for withdraws, since the issue is with funding Neteller (and soon others if you live in the USA) via your checking account. The only real drawback using this method is that you'll be paying the 1.9% fee to Neteller instead of the casino picking up the tab.

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