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Feb 11, 2013
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Pragmatic Play has just launched a new live entertainment game show called Boom City Live.

It's a departure from all other Gameshows, as it doesn't use a Big Wheel to determine a result.

Instead, it uses the roll of two dice to determine the winning square on a 6x6 grid.

The game has three bonus rounds and a maximum possible win of 20,000x.

It's new, fast, a bit different and fun!

I'm not sure it entirely meets the frustration of Crazy Time by Evolution, but I think it will be popular.

The review is
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, and the video is .

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It's great to see someone finally taking up the competition with Evolution. As already mentioned this game looks a lot better than some of Evolution's games. Also it is great they used big dice so it is easy to see when the camera zooms in and out. I think it is going to be good that Evolution gets some competition in this space it will force them to develop quicker and force Live Casino to be more innovative in general.

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