PR: Sky Vegas customer scoops 1,5million from single 2.25 spin!


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Aug 10, 2009
Hi Everyone,

We thought you may be interested in this fascinating story.

Tuesday night, Sky Vegas, Skys online casino, saw one of the of the biggest single wins on a UK online slot in the history of online gaming when Mr L.A. scooped 1,547,415.18 from a 2,25 stake. The North London-based customer bagged the life-changing sum while playing one of Sky Vegas newest and most popular online slot games, Millionaires Club.

His life changed forever at 9.55pm when he spun the reels, landed 3 Millionaire's Club logos sending him to the Millionaire's Wheel feature, where the wheel landed on the jackpot win. For a 2.25 stake, Mr L.A watched his winnings roll up to 1,547,415, bagging him the progressive jackpot and instantly making him a millionaire.

The big win could not have come at a better time for sales manager Mr L.A., who is engaged to be married and plans to his spend some of his winnings on a new home, as well as an idyllic holiday to the Seychelles.

A stunned Mr L.A. said: To be honest, Im still in shock. I thought I was dreaming! I love Sky Vegas because its so easy to use. Ive been playing the game for the last month in the hope of winning a million but hitting the jackpot is one of those things you always think happens to other people.

Managing Director of Sky Betting & Gaming, Richard Flint, said: We are delighted to see Sky Vegas first Millionaires Club instant millionaire. now has over 100 of the best games on the internet, and this is attracting players in record numbers - so we expect to see more big wins like this in the coming months.

Our congratulations go out to him and his fiance. Winning big for a small outlay is every players dream and last night Mr L.A.s dream came true, thanks to Sky Vegas.

Millionaires Club Slot is a nine line, five reel progressive online slot game, which players can play from 10p up to 180 per spin and a minimum progressive jackpot of 175,000.

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Jun 30, 1998
Hi Everyone,

We thought you may be interested in this fascinating story....
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