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Jun 30, 1998
Press Release: 30th Jan
Title: Online Legal Network launched by Clarion ATE

Clarion ATE is today launching an online blog titled Gambling Law Debate. This blog is a one-stop-shop for current regulatory issues relating to the gambling industry. Edited by Andrew Gellatly, Gambling Law Debate is an online network for legal professionals, lobbyists, media companies, and regulators to discuss and comment on all the key developments taking place in the online gambling law and regulation today.

Clarion ATE are the producers of the popular European Gambling Briefing (EGB) conference, a senior-level two day briefing that addresses all sides of the passionate debate about how gambling should be regulated across Europe and beyond, and the new blogsite is intended to significantly enhance the reach and relevance of the discussions that take place there.

Over the coming months Gambling Law Debate will become a site for discussion and the sharing of ideas, allowing attendees to the 3rd annual European Gambling Briefing (EGB) to learn from each other and to use their connections to improve their understanding of changes in gambling law across the European union.

Along the way Clarion ATE will ask for opinions, articles and comments to help shape the debates that will take place in Brussels on 8th & 9th May. Lawyers, lobbyists and regulators have already been invited to contribute.

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