PR: Gamcare benefit from industry charity event


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Jun 30, 1998
Gamcare benefit from industry charity event

The gaming and gambling industry pooled their resources at a recent charity event hosted by Bullet Business.

The event in December attracted over 250 industry execs for a poker tournament, raffle and charity bash. The evening, supported by Gamcare and with prizes provided by Skybet and was a big success with Gamcare benefiting from the deep pockets of the attendees at the event.

Geoffrey Godbold OBE, CEO of Gamcare said; GamCare are pleased to be beneficiaries of the charity event, the proceeds from which will contribute to the ongoing delivery of vital treatment services. GamCare have been encouraged during this challenging time by the ongoing commitment from the responsible industry to maintaining high levels of player protection and counselling availability for those in difficulty.

Michael Setters from Bullet Business, a leading gaming and gambling conference company, said; We fully recognise the work that GamCare do for the gambling and gaming sector and wanted to show that the industry could give something back. Problem gambling and social responsibility are just two of the important issues GamCare address and its extremely important the industry gives them their full support. The evening was a great success and we look forward to doing something similar again.

Geoffrey Godbold OBE of GamCare will also be addressing the industry at the Legal Gaming in Europe Summit (Jan 22 23, London) along with the European Commission and European Parliament. Full details can be found on the event website. [ europe]


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"....with Gamcare benefiting from the deep pockets of the attendees at the event."

It would be nice to know by how much.

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